Bye for A While

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Do you ever feel as if you are doing everything at the last minute, just making the deadline? This has been the way of it with me the past few days but all is well really. I hope all is well with you, sweet visitor. I will not be posting again until we get back from our Outer Banks journey on the 15th. I won't even be able to access my email after Saturday morning when we head out bright and early.

So keep creating amazing art and I will be checking in as soon as I can. I was telling my husband that I will be missing my blog friends and he just looked at me in this strange confused way. I am not sure if he quite realizes how important this is in my life, that there are true connections made and real friendships established. Silly him!

Anyway, I am off to download some CDs onto my IPOD. As I was cleaning out a drawer yesterday I came across several CDs I had totally forgotten about. Billie Holiday. Mindy Smith. Prince. Stray Cats. Just like getting new music! Love it!


jen said...

Bye Tricia! Be safe. Have fun. Tolerate dh's cyber-naivety. And remember; we'll be here when you get back!

MNScrapbookmom said...

Have a safe journey there dear friend... I will miss your posts, and inspiring art. There are true connections made online. I agree 100%. :) Kyra¥

Jeanne said...

I hope your trip is full of relaxation and rejuvenation. It's amazing what a change of scenery can do for the creative mind. By the way, thanks for turning me on to Brandi Carlisle's music. I went out and bought her CD and am thoroughly enjoying it. My favorites are "My Song" and the title track, "The Story."
Safe travels!

red tin heart said...

I will miss your posts, but i hope you have a great time. xo nita

Amy Wagner said...

Have a relaxing trip. I will miss you and I'll wait here for your return.

Judy said...

Cya gorgeous! We will miss you! Have fun.

Kim McCabe said...

Beautiful artwork as always! You're such an inspiration! I know exactly what you mean about your husband, mine tends to be the same way. He just doesn't get my artwork, my blogging or even my obsession with other peoples used stuff, not much of a flea-marketer I'm afraid :( . Ah well, such is life :) At least he humors me and puts up with trips to the scrapbook store and Michaels! Have a fabulous trip, I'll be eagerly awaiting your next post whenever that may be!

karin (creativechaos) said...

Oh those silly husbands! Mine still calls my blog a "blob". Not because he's being insulting but because he really thinks that's what it's called! Have a great time! Your work is beautiful as always!

Kristen Robinson said...

We'll miss you my talented friend!

annie said...

oh, the little pink beach house sounds divine...the ocean and her sweet calming sounds...hope you have the best of times on her doorstep! your words and artwork are always so calm and inspiring! forgiveness...it is a gift.
ps...i get the same look from my silly husband!

She Who Flies said...

Have a wonderful sojourn! We'll miss you too.

franswazz said...

I just discovered your blog/art!
Can't wait to see more.....when you return.
3 words:
Nice, nice, nice
Enjoy time out

sue said...

Wow, what an amazing piece of art again! Enjoy your time off-hope you're having fun.

paige said...

have a wonderful trip!!

A Fanciful Twist said...

See you soooon! xxxooo

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