The Sharing of Ourselves

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These days I am appreciating my friendships more than at any other time in my life. I feel very lucky to have such amazing blog friend connections, counting these just as special as my real life friends. My online art friends have truly served to fill a void and I cannot imagine going back to life without the support and encouragement of such a welcoming community.

My post today though is about 3 very special real life friends.

I was inspired to do the above piece by my wonderful friend Dawn. Dawn is an amazing homeschooling mother and a very passionate ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) development director. I had not been familiar with this organization before meeting Dawn but listening to her speak from her heart about her story and the stories of others moved me to tears and made me want to do something to help. While I did not have a cesarean, my birth experience was a traumatic one, something I have not even been able to journal about and Olivia is already seven. There is a wealth of information regarding a mother's birth options on the ICAN site. I wish I had known about this group years ago. It would have been wonderful to have had such support. Please visit their site and pass the link on to others. Education is a powerful force.
I greatly admire people like Dawn who feel moved to act for a cause and actually do. A big hug to you Dawn!

My second shout-out goes to my dear friend Marni who has now started an art blog of her own. Yay, go Marni! I have been encouraging/bugging Marni for a while now to start a blog so she can share her amazing work with all of us in blogland. Please give her a visit and spread a bit of blog love her way. The banner you see here was done over the weekend with a bit of teamwork. Marni came over an "art play date" as Olivia calls it and we ended up at the Mac playing in Photoshop, our paint brushes forgotten on my dining room table. :) I am very pleased with the way the banner turned out-my favorite part being the doorway in the moon.

And now last, but certainly not least is Isha. Isha is a super-talented teenager who my daughter just thinks is the coolest girl in the whole wide world. I think she is pretty special too. :) Recently Olivia got to take an art class with Isha's amazing mom Katherine, who we also adore. One of these I am going to get to take a class with her too.
While we were at the studio I got to see what Isha has been working on lately. Boy, was I in awe! Isha has been making the most darling aprons and skirts to sell. You can see another skirt , this one hand-drawn silk, here. Contact info is on Katherine's site.
Hope you have enjoyed the links.

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Jamie said...

Morning Tricia! Thank you so much for the ICAN link. I had a very tramatic C-section with my youngest that left me unable to get pregnant again (I wasn't planning to, but the choice was taken away if that makes sense) The art piece you made for your friend is stunning. The banner for Marni is beautiful. And Isha is a very talented young lady. Thank you for sharing your friends with us:) Love, Jamie