Do you ever find yourself quiet without much to say? This is my mood tonight. Words seem to be like caged birds suddenly free and flying quickly away from here. It is not a sad sort of quiet though, more a deep thoughtful one. I think that in the morning Olivia and I will go on a nature walk. Yes, this seems just the thing. Some time outside would do a world of good.

Not much to share---Here is a bit of a close-up of today's project...and yesterday's. Soon, I promise, there will be a piece I can share in full.

I snapped a photo (above) of the word clippings before they started to really shape themselves into a story and here are the words after they were pasted down. Have you ever tried this method of getting words for your art? It is a fun process and can lead your piece in a new direction. I keep a small tin of clippings within reach-they have been a blessing more than once.

I hope that excitement and delight will fill your heart today!



Jamie said...

I love when the words come together like that! Perfection! I love when you share your process with us Tricia! Love, Jamie

red tin heart said...

Love this! So Eleanor Rigsby. Nita