Today I felt restless and more than a little under the weather. Having a messy art room made everything seem worse in an overwhelming sort of way. See, I have been stagnating, or at least that is how I have been feeling. Off track. In a funk. So many art things I want to do so I am doing nothing. Ever done that? Well, I don't usually and must say that I am quite a sorry mess for it. So, today, with one of the ideas in mind, an altered book with a ballerina theme, I set about gathering a suitcase full of things to inspire me, papers, fabrics, ribbons to pull from as I work on this book.
It was a lot of fun to let go and play. I love the gathering process but have never done it this way, to this extent before.
(Also as I dug around in a drawer I came up with a stack of photos to list either on etsy or ebay hopefully sometime this week. I will keep you posted on that.)
Then to even further cheer myself I finally cleaned off my art table, messy since the ballerina painting. It seems to be hard for me to transition back to the gluing and pasting of a small collage after working on the bigger canvas. But there were some images and a page torn from an old book, some painted watercolor paper still in a stack in the corner so I decided to totally break out of the funk by going ahead and just gluing something. Anything. The addition of some charcoal and oil pastels and "Jane" was done. Very quickly and with a big smile.

If there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?

Til next time,



I am Amy Wagner... said...

I love your idea of gathering goodies together for art inspiration. I also just adore your "Jane" art!!! Isn't art fun??!

sue said...

We have been thinking soooo alike! I have a ton of things to do, and couldn't get anything finished, but then my studio had become such a mess, I couldn't find anything to finish anything anyway. I JUST got done cleaning it up, sorting, and have an empty table top-that hasn't happened since I moved into that room-lol!

R2artstudio said...

Jane is just adorable, And I have been in the same mood. Wish I knew why. The gathering is a great idea, I may try that one!

Sharon said...

Oh yes I know that feeling of so many things i want(need) to do so I don't do anything. For me, it's about housework. Your little collage of Jane is just wonderful.