I heard that today was a hot one here in Virginia but I couldn't be for sure. Olivia and I spent most of the day on the couch with sore throats and bodies so weak it was surely sad to watch us stumble to the bathroom. Thank goodness for my husband who ran my many Monday morning errands for me, like going to the post office and grocery store.

Olivia and I looked through some ballet books but mainly either drifted in and out of sleep or watched TV. I am the type of person that stresses while sick, thinking of all the things I need to be doing. I tried to relax and just be sick and accept it. I had my trusty notebook by my side and did manage to jot a few collage ideas down.

It is now 9 in the evening and the tides are turning a bit. I feel much better and Olivia is sitting up and eating a little. I made her favorite meal. Luckily it is a simple one. Drained black beans on a plate, topped with corn and cheddar cheese. A few minutes in the toaster oven and her dinner was done.

As I was relaxing I thought of what I would post about and it wasn't about being sick at all. In fact, I wasn't even going to mention it and then I sat down and out it all poured.

I wanted to post about our foyer. I worked so hard on Saturday. I primed the area around our door and painted the right side. My old half table---once the small but whole dining room table in my apartment before Kelly---got yet another paint color on Friday. It is now black and I am liking it. I drilled the table bracket into the wall to hold it in place and Kelly helped me hang a thrifted mirror above. On the table I propped my frame finds from Friday's outing and I added a candle and old lace collars. On the opposite wall I took the existing frame, removed the generic floral print and added a canvas covered in the yard sale fabric from Friday. (Pineapples for welcome.) I stitched in place a doll's dress on a hanger, (it looks pinkish in the photo but is just cream in real life) then added a pin from a Saturday yardsale. I am so pleased with how the pin seems to belong there. Isn't it a pretty pin and for only 25 cents! What a deal! Now I only have to finish painting the other side of the door and the tongue and groove ceiling we added. In a few months one of Kelly's friends in helping us get started on another big house project---the walls and ceiling in the upstairs hallway and on the stairs too is coming out. There is a lot of damage in this 109 year old house and while I am anxious to move forward with the repairs I always dread the mess and the extra people in the house. I will be sure and take before and afters.

The photos are not the best but you get the idea, right? :) I may try to take better ones tomorrow. Don't you just hate it when the photos don't do the subject justice. You can still see the blue painters tape on the window panes and yes, I really do need to clean that mirror. lol. The black rectangle in front of the candle is a small sign with white letters that read "Simple Abandance." The table also needs a bit of something else to be complete...maybe something draped somewhere....hmmmm....

Finds from the weekend.

blessings for a great week,


bari@barijonline.com said...

Wow! I am crazy about that dress & the foyer looks great. Hope you feel better soon.

Elaine Kerr said...

That's the mark of a true artist – down with a cold, sick as a dog, but make notes to plot and plan your next project! Get better soon, OK?

Sharon said...

Hi Tricia, I saw these pictures at Flicker and had to come and read the rest of the story. First, you are so clever to make a half table from a whole. It is beautiful. I am curious about the little trift on your wall hanging looks like you might have altered it with paint. It looks different in the thrift collection picture. If you did, well you are so clever, if you didn't, well we need to try it. The piece is very beautiful.
Hope you are feeling better today.

I am Amy Wagner... said...

The pin was made just to be on that dress hanging in your house!

Stephanie said...

That dress is out of this world.I know you were excited when it all came together!!!! First time to your blog. I really enjoyed looking around.