Weird Things About Me

I have been tagged by Chrysti to list seven weird things about myself and I am struggling for which weird things to share...there are just so many from which to choose! lol
I will just type in the first things that cross my mind.
1. I am obsessed with tea. Hot or cold. Caf or decaf. Love it! Just not too sweet.
2. I have a crazy big fear of medical doctors. We go to a chiropractor and in the past I have opted for various treatments with acupuncture, herbs, and essential oils. (knock on wood) Olivia has never had "medicine."
3. Thinking of how I had to write "knock on wood"--- I am a little superstitious though I try not to be and I search for signs and synchronicities.
4. When I was young I wanted to be a private investigator.
5. My husband sometimes calls me "little general."
6. I make wishes each time I see a red bird...see the red bird and then you touch something blue while making a wish...
7. I love music...all kinds just make sure it's loud! When alone I crank up the Ipod and sing---loudly though I can't carry a tune. :) Playing now is Love and Happiness by Emmylou Harris...I was jamming to a new song (well new to me) a few minutes ago. It is from a movie I went to see tonight with my husband Kelly. The movie was Disturbia (Olivia is with Kelly's mom tonight. ) and the song is by a band called Kings of Leon and is called Taper Jean Girl. A strange but interesting sound. I downloaded it from Itunes as soon as we got home. "Aha shake, taper jean girl with a motel face...."

And now I tag anyone who wants to share a bit about themselves.

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