5 x 7 on watercolor paper

This is my art card for the theme of "transparency." My scanner wants to make this brighter and more vibrant than it really is. The yellow isn't accurate at all and I have such a mess in the art space that I can't even find the camera!

The layers go like this: watercolor paper, then muslin stained with walnut ink, one ply of a paper towel used for clean up this morning, a small square of inked paper from an old book, a transparency sewed into place. Then buttons were added, the black piece was torn from an old book cover and the name was cut from a book.
OK...I just can't handle the yellow. I have to dig for the camera...
I like these images much better...

...especially the close-up. Sometimes it is the little things I like the best about a piece. The bits of thread, the shape of paper or fabric along the tear line. The unplanned things. The happy accidents.

And actually in life I find that those things are also the sweetest.


cookievf said...

You said it! It's the little things in life.....!

Tricia - this is AWE-some!!!!

I love everything about it as well as the combo of yellow, browns and black!! TFS

- vicki xo

Susan Tuttle said...

Ahhh--gorgeous!! She looks like a Jenny! Scanners can be such funny critters, can't they--mine has a mind of its own too!

I love all of the fine details you pointed out--you are right--they are what makes the piece extra special.

Thank you kindly for your sweet comments about my studio--I am relieved to be able to make art in it again--I feel like I just moved into a new home!


Anonymous said...

Tricia...this is gorgeous and i love the image :o)