Inspire Me Thursday --- Tears

"The passing spring,
Birds morn,
Fishes weep
With tearful eyes."
---Matsuo Basho
And while this is my entry for Inspire Me thursday it also doubles as the 9 of hearts for my art card deck. That topic is sewing so I did a bit of stitching around the image. This little girls face just grabbed me from the moment I saw her. I almost wish my transfer had come out clearer so you could get a better look. A later attempt did but I chose this one as I thought the spots on the paper looked like tears on her cheeks. With this piece I attempted my first acetone transfer and now I am hooked. Have you tried this? If you don't know about this technique click here. I liked the varied unpredictable images I was able to achieve and I did a few others for my next art cards. Hopefully I can get those done later in the week.


purple cucumbers folk art said...

just passing threw,come visit my front porch an see my folk art

Kala said...

This is gorgeous, I used to use acetone for transfers back in my college days but it was hard to get hold of and very stinky! I'm converted to acrylic matte medium now but that only works with ink jet prints. Anyway, love your piece!

Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing that link Tricia. It's kind of exciting not knowing how it will turn out everytime. Or, I'm just easily amused:) LOL!! Beautiful card. I would love to be added to your links. I already have you:) I commented down below on your wonderful and heartfelt post. Thank You.

Julia said...

Love this one !! It's great ! The colors and everything !!

platinum blonde said...

this is gorgeous! i love the colors, great transfer. i don't use acetone transfers because i don't like the smell ... but you may have inspired me to fight through it. i am thinking about doing more collage work.

Deb L said...

Wow... this is wonderful! You are really coming along quickly on the art deck with such gorgoues cards. Glad you're having such fun with it :0)