Acrylics on a wooden ironing board.

I wanted to submit this portion of the painting for Artwords. The theme is "woman."

I may get brave and share the entire painting one day soon. This portion and one other are the only parts I am pleased with! I have gotten quite frustrated with myself...I can see her in my mind the way I want her to look but I just don't have the skills to get it onto the wood.

Her nose is in need of the biggest help so today I may go by the library and pick up a book on painting faces...I'm sure there's one out there. Any suggestions?
The below images are from the bottom of the ironing board...they are a part of her dress.


Jeanne said...

Tricia, your ironing board paintig looks wonderful. I do hope you'll decide to share all of her with us.

Miss*Laurence said...

You're so good at teasing us! A little here, a little there... I love your colours, and really would love to see it all.( i love green) As for noses, I found these: http://www.portrait-artist.org/face/nose.html

Hope they help!

Miss*Laurence said...

This is silly! why did it cut the nose out of my http???


bridgette said...

hi tricia, just wanted to write a quick note to you saying thank you for your comment on my blog. It really touched me. I know how you feel about that betrayal of body. I even made some art using that exact phrase "my body betrays me".

Thank you for sharing your experience with me and I'm glad that my post on layering media helped! Take care.

Jill said...

Oh this looks so fabulous!!! What fun! Love the colors....
fun fun fun!!!!

Brandie said...

What you've shown so far is absolutely beautiful! Come on! Stop teasing!

Anonymous said...

oh wow.....i am in awe. Every snippet you have showed is wonderful. I hope you can show the whole piece in it's entirety one day. would love to see it :o)