5 of Hearts

5 x 7
click on image for bigger view
The theme for the 5 of hearts is "numbers." Although I do like the colors, this piece feels a little messy and busy to me and not quite right. Funny because that is how I feel today. The house is a terrible mess but yet I am restless and unable to focus on one thing. I flutter like a butterfly from the dishes in the sink (hopefully we get a dishwasher tomorrow) to the laundry room and back to my art table, accomplishing tiny things that aren't adding up. I am anxious too knowing that while I am trying to eat healthier and consume less sugar there is a ton of chocolate in a bag on Olivia's desk calling my name. Maybe I should eat a few of those little chocolate eggs and just get it over with. Maybe I need to relax a bit like the girl in the photobooth strip. I love the way that by photo number 5 she is hatless with a toothy smile. What lovely innocence!
watercolor paper
charcoal pencil


lindaharre said...

Wonderful piece! Where did you ever find the photo strip? Love the use of wax......I am going to have to get back to that:) xxLinda

R2artstudio said...

Oh, I love your new piece. Not too busy or messy at all. I think I'm having one of the same kind of days. Flitter here and there. They now say that chocolate is good for you! Enjoy!

Holly Stinnett said...

This piece is so clever... so lovely. Beautiful work!

carlene federer said...

nope, I have to disagree with you...love the piece! Isn't it funny how sometimes a piece that just doesn't feel "right" to us really resonates with other people?