Going With the Flow

I got up early this morning in the hopes of getting a bit done before the "official" day began. Things did not go as planned however as the image in my mind of what I wanted to create...I wanted to make my first quiltlet or small fabric atc, something like that. it is a gift for a friend...and I could see it perfectly in my mind...did not seem to want to manifest this morning. I started to get very frustrated knowing I had only a bit of time, knowing that I had 4 sleeping children upstairs instead of 1. (We have three of Olivia's closest friends here. Their mommy just had a precious baby boy and is still in the hospital.) Knowing that I wanted to be ready to make homemade pancakes...well, the works for breakfast, knowing I needed to get things ready for the big scavenger hunt we are going on today.

Well, I ended up with this little bag that I will fill either with a few atcs for my friend, maybe some teas or chocolates. ? I used stamps by Cavallini and the ink I used is Stampin' Up's Sahara Sand. I stamped on muslin.
And while it wasn't what I set out to make perhaps I ended up with just what I needed. I even think I will make more of these little bags. Once I let go and gave in to what I was making I had fun working with fabrics and threads. It was a neat change from paper. It made me think of my grandmother and how I used to watch her embroider.
Kelly has the camera so I was forced to use the scanner. I put a piece of the previously made coffee-stained paper on top of the bag while it was in the scanner for a bit of a background.


Gypsy Purple said...

It`s lovely!!!!

Susan Tuttle said...

Wonderful little bag--when things don't go as planned, look what beauty can come out of them, if we only give in and let it.

Great art--great life lesson!


Anonymous said...

Tricia...this is gorgeous and i absolutely love that little handle :o)

shelbalah said...

you always have something inspiring and beautiful to share...that is just lovely...i too try to get up in the mornings before the wee ones, but usually my inspiration doesn't hit til after my 2nd cup of tea. thanks for visiting my blog...have a beautiful day.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

This is lovely...some of my favorite pieces ended up being work that didn't become what I envisioned. ;-)

Kristen Robinson said...

I love the classic simplicity and the colors you chose work so well!