The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings

Like this little bunny who made a wish for wings while looking into the Wishing Pond, I sometimes find myself wishing for things I don't have. A skinnier self, a house with storage and not as much renovation, a bottomless purse so I can order all the books from Amazon that I want. Olivia and I had a wonderful talk today about being grateful and appreciative of the things we do have. The story that we read from the "Books of Knowledge" helped get the conversation going and she totally gets it. I love that! I love that she is learning at an early age so many things that I didn't until I got into my late twenties, things I am still working on understanding.
Kelly bought me the Books of Knowledge at an estate sale on Saturday. I love them with their pretty drawings and photographs. The above bunny is from the book. I have one set that I cherish from 1918. This one is from 1935 and he bought it for me to cut up for collage. Will I be able to tear the pages? We shall see. The 20 books also came with their very own adorable bookcase. That has found its way into our bedroom. I didn't snap a picture of it before Kelly took the camera to work but I did get some photos of my Goodwill finds. I stopped yesterday on the way home from my Grandmother's house.
Baby-sized spoons, an aged address book, a salt shaker, Bingo cage, the china doll that Olivia has named Abilene. The box with "A Book of Letters" on the cover is actually from the estate sale. Olivia and I went Friday but left without a lot because the prices were just so high.

These last things are rusted pieces I dug from the ground behind my grandmother's grainery. I would love to make something cool, maybe an assemblage of some sort, for my dad.

I did get a few minutes to visit a handful of blogs today. Hopefully soon I will have time to say "hi" to all my blog friends. I am focusing all of my energy during the day on Olivia and the art is happening less but I am happier, less frazzled. I keep thinking that I can make it all work---I am still working on finding a way to balance it all. Any suggestions?

I do know what I am doing on the 21st....Olivia and I will be joining Artsymama for her virtual tea party.

Also, click here to visit Brandie's site. She is busy putting together promo packs to give out at an art show and is hoping to help other artists get some exposure. Isn't that a cool idea?!


Susan Tuttle said...

Ooooo wow! I'm lovin' your Goodwill finds!--especially that bingo cage! What wonderful objects you unearthed from your Grandmother's property too!

I enjoyed your post!


Brandie said...

Hi Tricia!
What awesome finds! I am jealous! I love the bingo cage too! Oh... and if you figure out the balancing thing, please let me know... I have yet to figure that one out myself...

Gypsy Purple said...

What lovely things...and yes....to be grateful..how easy we can forget!!!

Allotment Lady said...

A little birdie didn't tell me, but a link from blog to blog drew me here = I am in 'heaven' and will be back to read more of your past posts.

What sheer joy to read and see your images.

I am just starting out making ATCs and you and your friends are inspirational.


Beth said...

The stuff you dug up is way too cool....just to know that they were in the ground is amazing !!!

Hemma på landet said...

Very nice blog. Stina

Anonymous said...

Oh Tricia......you got some awesome finds there. everytime I visit our local Goodwill and never see goodies like yours :o(