5x7 acrylics, inks, paper, fabric, stitching, transparency on watercolor paper

on etsy tonight

Again I had fun with a transparency. Oh my goodness, I am in love, madly, wildly crazy over transparencies! Who knew? What a sad face this one has. I found her on ebay a few weeks ago and I knew the moment I saw her I had to have her and luckily she was cheap. She needs a bit of restoration but I haven't had time to do that yet and I sort of like her not perfect. After I had her all sewn on the pages, (machine stitching and I handstitched her bracelet and the string holding the heart, near her hand.) I opened up a page in my old "Little Women" book and there were the words "all alone." Fitting I thought for such melancholy.
I love her and she is one of my favorite things I have done but I am putting her up for sale on etsy before I have a chance to frame her. I like the idea of my art traveling to a new home, touching a new heart. Make it and let it go.
Today in the mail I received two of my recent ebay purchases. I received art from Brandie and art from Colette and I love them both. (Please go and check out their sites.) So neat to hold these works of art in my hands after seeing them and loving them on their blogs. I will always treasure them.


artandghosts said...

how odd!
i have just this minute seen this collage on etsy as i browsed through the art category!
i love it!

great to stumble upon the seller:))

Earthtone Studios said...

Tricia, another great piece!

Mieke said...

Wow, This is so nice!!!

Barbara said...

Thank you Trica on your ocmment on my blog. I had to come and see what you have been up to. I must say my jaw has just dropped. Your work is so outstanding. I love all the details you have on your work. I will come back, love all of it.

Beth said...

Ohhh...this is so wonderful. The colors and texture....wow, just beautiful.
I don't know anything about the transparencies that you are using... could you tell me more about them ????

Gypsy Purple said...

This is stunning...I love the colours and the whole atmosphere of the piece...great work