There are a few things I want to share tonight before I go to bed.

1. I feel better. yeh! Thankfully this flu bug has flown away...

2. I got to play some tonight with my papers and paints. I decorated the cover of a day planner that was given to my hubby. It was plain black and that just wouldn't do. And boy did it feel good, so good to get paint on my hands after several days of not being creative. Plus now I have a fun way to stay organized.

3. In the mail today I received a book I ordered from Amazon. Bernie Berlin's artist trading card workshop. I am off to bed to read and get lost in these gorgeous pages. I can already tell just by flipping through it that Iwill love it and be inspired.

Sweet dreams to all in blogland.


Hélène Deroubaix said...

it is wonderful Tricia! I love it ,I adore the whimsy birds and the fact the kittens have butterfly wings,how magical and whimsy!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous work Tricia.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Tricia,
You made this day planner into something divine--I love the painterly technique--and of course the pinks!!!

Have fun star gazing tonight!


P.S.--I didn't know you once lived in NJ--I'm a Jersey girl actually--born and raised in Long Valley, then kept moving north to Boston and then to Maine eight years ago.