Begin--Artwords Topic of the Week

"Open Your Heart"

I am not feeling at all well this evening. My husband took Olivia to Girl Scouts and I stayed home in the bed. Olivia's sketchbook just also happened to be in the bed from where she had been sketching our youngest kitty, Sabine, and waiting for Kelly. After they left I picked up her pencil and just played. Sketchpad propped up on heating pad...How fun! I found that I like this feeling of Doodling! Swirls, circles and dots! Oh my! I haven't done the pencil and paper thing since I was in middle school probably.

After I ended up with an image I liked I came/stumbled downstairs, scanned it in and using Photoshop increased the contrast. (My pencil marks were too light. Maybe I should have gone over the lines in pen but I was afraid of messing it up.) I changed the hue to a brownish/sepia and added red to the two hearts and a bit of blush to her cheeks.

Well, I am back to bed and the heating pad...with a tall glass of ginger ale and ice...yeh! my mom stayed with us wed. night and brought a two liter. I wasn't happy at the time because I am funny about Olivia and sugar but now I am thankful. Doesn't everything just happen for a reason...the ginger ale and tonight being sick. i never would have drawn this if i weren't in bed sick...life is funny. my motto for the new year----"roll with it!"


Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better now....love the sketch.

Anonymous said...

Tricia...this is gorgeous. I want to doodle like you :o) Love it!

Cynthia said...

HI there,
I am a homeschool mom too ... embarking on this creative journey.
Very interesting sketch, I love the simplicity.

Hélène Deroubaix said...

beautiful & so cute!!!!I love it!