A page in my journal and my contribution to this week's Artwords theme.
Tonight I sat with my journal upon my lap, a cup of water and my watercolors on the coffee table watching American Idol with my hubby and daughter. The wind is blowing pretty hard outside tonight which helped to inspire me despite the distractions of TV and laughing family.
The watercolors are fun and they are a new plaything. I have a book from long ago on the basics and I will pull that out soon and have a look though it is fun just to play and not worry if I am doing it right.
Next I added an image of a birdie (of course) and a vintage boy with a sweet lonesome face. I hope the circle behind his head looks like the moon-it came to be there because I messed up his crown. Oil pastels and charcoal were rubbed around here and there.
I found the quote and thought it fit as though I had planned it. Love it when that happens!
"And love went by upon the wind as though it had not been." Robert Graves


Colette said...

Thank you for my art fix for tonight! It's beautiful.

I started with watercolors years ago, and before I read any books on basics and techniques, I just played with my brush, smooshing around swaths of paint and using my paintbrush to draw with.

windyangel said...

This too is fabulous. I've printed both this and the IMT piece as I'm a bit uncertain yet about collages. I'm kind of into a fiber mode now but hope to get back soon to working with paper again.
I love it too when the light bulb clicks on.
Must be away to do my piece for artwords.

Anonymous said...

this is so atmospheric....and the quote is so apt.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

very cute; the wind blew the words from the tree; makes you want to jump in them!


Anonymous said...

Tricia...this is stunning and yes, it does look like the moon :o)

Mieke said...

Wow I love it.....It's beautiful!!