It’s always a treat to get to hang out with Tiffany Trent. She drove into Roanoke on Saturday to talk about the revision process at the downtown library. Of course, I went. I felt a bit lousy but managed to pull it together. I’d already missed several outings with other friends and hated to keep adding to that list. So glad that I did. I have missed that girl!

She’s a fantastic speaker, giving lots of great tips and at the same time engaging the audience in discussion. I was a proud friend. One of her tips triggered a writing session on Sunday morning where I had a bit of a breakthrough.

Other writers were there. Becky Mushko, Amanda Cockrell, Kathleen Foucart, Amelia (I wish I had gotten her last name). It was great to talk about writerly things. Even though I’m not as far along in the process as the others, it was nice to be immersed in that world for a bit.

There was also a tasty lunch at Alejandro’s with lots of laughter and more writerly talk which was heaven. A ballerina pickup and then a trip to Black Dog Salvage. Have you ever been? You can wander around there for hours and not see everything. I love the old (and enormous) stained glass, doors, and mantels. My want list was long by the time we made it back to the marketplace area. In the midst of all the cool, vintage offerings there were paintings by local artists- a gallery and antique stored rolled into one! Joy! Oh, and there's garden statuary outside. Lovely pieces-birdbaths, stone benches graced with rabbits and ornate gazebos. Really. Very fairytale-like.
Here's a pic of Tiffany and Olivia just inside the store.

And then there was tea and more goodness. We were so sad to see her drive away.


There has also been a recent celebration of ballet accomplishments. This was the day we found out that a sweet friend made it into Junior Company at ballet. Olivia received her acceptance letter the next day which means another year of fun and hard work and growth. I couldn’t be more proud.

And thinking of dance, I never did share any photos from The Nutcracker, did I? Here is one of my favorites of Olivia.

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