The Quiet Room

Our area's new library has a quiet room. It is awesome. Actually, the whole library is awesome with it's wooden ceiling and curvy shelves, new tables, and upholstered chairs with lovely fabrics and design. Everything is new and crisp. But I love the quiet room the best. Super-comfy chairs. Lamps with a perfect glow. There is even a gas log fireplace in there!  What more could a girl ask for? Oh, did I mention there's a coffee shop on the first level. *sigh* It's on the other side of town from us so not terribly convenient but I'm already thinking of how to tweek our route so that we wind up close by once a week at least. Olivia says her favorite part is the teen room. She was dazzled by the shiny new Macs, I think. If you are local, please go and visit, sit in the quiet room, and take a deep breath for me.

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Renee A. said...

Yeah,we love it there,too. We have gone three times already....we were one of the first ones in on opening day since we are pretty close to it. We are actually getting ready to go again this morning so my girls can do their work there overlooking the mountains... it's so great to look out the windows and see such beautiful scenery. We love the Macs,too, but wish they had them for us adults,too. :)