Three hours

I finished up all the bookplate orders and other business-related projects yesterday and Olivia had the day off from homeschooling so I treated myself to three wonderful hours of play. It was the first time in the art room in weeks. I didn't realize how much I had missed the paints and brushes until I got going. And I forget so quickly between playtimes how much happiness that care-free creating generates. The image turned out to be a character in a story I'm playing with. Not TPS, which I'm in a good groove with these days, thank goodness and knock on wood, but another. Hopefully soon I'll figure out the best way to share some writing here. I was talking to my hubby about that very thing the other day. I think I must have an illustration to go with every post and writing. If it wasn't for that, I think I'd post more and share more things.

Now Olivia and I are going to make some ballerina ornaments. She's calling...will share pics of those soon. And later tonight, I'm going to try to carve out time to watch The Tree of Life. That just arrived from Netflix. Have you seen it? What did you think?


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