Don't Forget Your Ticket

If you are local, don't forget your ticket to the Southwest Virginia Ballet's Nutcracker being performed this weekend. Everyone is working so incredibly hard to put on a fabulous show. The dancers and Pedro, the moms and dads backstage have put in some serious hours. There are new costumes and roles. More shine and sparkle. A painted wooden cake that the Sugar Plum Dolls (Kate and Olivia) dance out of. It's going to be splendid! As I type this, the school performance is taking place. I always say little prayers when I know Olivia is going to be on stage as I would guess a lot of moms do. Wishes for light, happy feet and big smiles, remembering all the steps. If you happen to be there on Saturday, look for Olivia as a party girl and also a leaf in the Waltz of the Flowers. On Sunday, she is the Sugar Plum Doll and a leaf. I wish I had photos to share but alas, no cameras are allowed backstage or during the show. It is a big no-no to even try to sneak so I don't. I will share the ones that we purchase when we get them.

Since I don't have a recent ballet photograph of Olivia to post, I thought one of her very first ballet performance would be just the thing. Oh, how I remember those days of pointe shoe dreams like it was yesterday! Now, it's sore toes and foot rubs, blister band-aids. But she is exhuberant. The sweet girl could not be any happier with the dancing and with the friendships she's developing with other girls and boys in the company. Nothing makes me happier.


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