Inspiration Monday---Scherenschnitte!

Let me tell you about my family's new crafting love: Scherenschnitte! We've just started playing and experimenting with scherenschnitte and we LOVE it.

Up until last week I'd never heard the word.

Scherenschnitte means "scissor cuts" in German. It's the art of papercutting.

I just love silhouettes. There's a sweet one in our dining room that a papercutter did of Olivia when she was three-ish.

When I see silhouette art I'm always drawn to it. Like this magazine that came for Olivia weeks ago. There's just something fascinating about imagining the intricate cuts being made and also there's the mystery of it all and how you, as the viewer, fill in your own details.

You might already know that there's an entire community of talented folks that are creating astounding works of art with just paper and scissors but I didn't and now I am just blown away. Completely in love.

* It started with watching Art 21 and seeing Kara Walker's silhouette work. I felt goosebumpy and inspired and watched her segment several times. The images have stayed with me as some do, haunting me. I even had a dream all in silhouette not long after. It was both strange and beautiful. You can click here to watch the Art 21 segment.

* Then last Thursday morning as I was searching the library stacks for a book on bookbinding, I ran my hand over a book called, "Scherenschnitte." Being unfamiliar with the word and being always curious I pulled it out and lo and behold--silhouettes. I checked it out.

* And as the way of serendipitous things, later that same night, Olivia and I were searching on YouTube for Cinderella ballet clips when we stumbled across the silhouette work of Lotte Reiniger.

And yesterday I discovered these MAGICAL links:

* Elsita's blog. I think I passed out for a few minutes from the gorgeousness of this ring.

* Cindy Ferguson's Blog---like Elsita, Cindy's work truly captivates me. She also has a wonderful intro to paper cutting video here and she generously offers free templates on her blog every Tuesday. This design is from her blog. Thank you so much, Cindy!




Here's the result of my first attempt:

I had trouble with curves and especially with noses but I think some practice and a new blade might help. It sure was fun!

* there's also: Martha Stewart paper hearts

And now I'm off to gesso some boards. Oh, how a part of me wishes I could hole away somewhere and do nothing but look at the delicious papercutting eyecandy --I saw tons of links on the above blogs but didn't let myself click---alas, I cannot. I'll be showing work at a local restaurant soon and must get busy, busy, busy. Here is a quick shot of my table from an hour or two ago. I'm going back to my old way of gluing old book pages down before I gesso. I have missed the texture and the knowing that there are other stories resting beneath the one I will create. The panel is 24x24 which will make this my largest piece so far.

I send you wishes of happy creating.



gina louthian-stanley said...

24" x 24"? WOW! I am impressed! How liberating!

gina louthian-stanley said...

OH, love these....let me look and see if I still have my old scherenschnitte books! I know I have them someplace...I hope! YAY!

Heather said...

Oh, I've seen this stuff too and its amazing! all the tiny little details, it blows my mind. and sorta intimidates me! I've seen Elsita's stuff before and its gorgeous. Its amazing what people can do! Enjoy your new art!~ :)

Dreama katt said...

Some good serendipity indeed! The results of your first snip-pings, are just wonderful! I love what you did. I hope you are having another silhouette dream as I write. I will have to visit these links before I head to dreamland. Thank you, once again for so much inspiration and sharing all of your resources. xoxo

triciascott said...

after attempting it, i am even more in awe! those curves are tricky! :)

triciascott said...

thank you, dreama. one of my favorite things about having a blog is trying to make it a place to share inspiration and to hopefully pay back a little for all the inspiration i find on the internet.

triciascott said...

i was just thinking of your pendants! have you done a lot of papercutting? we must talk about this next time get together. hope you found your books! :)

triciascott said...

yep, so far so good! i still love those small works though. :)

Lacey Brooke said...

I saw the most gorgeous silhouettes by cindi rose, of museums, and people strolling in a park, in a magazine called Origin Magazine. I think Cindi Harwood Rose and Kara Walker are the most talented silhouette artists of this century.

Lacey Brooke said...

I also love the silhouettes of Kathryn Flocken, she does gorgeous full-length ones, classic, yet modern.

tricia scott said...

thank you, lacey! i will look her up also.