a congrats, a parade, SoulCollage and some book love


Over the weekend:

Congratulations to talented and kind, Gina Louthian-Stanley!!! Here is Carter Foster, curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, saying lovely and true things about Gina's piece, Caged Window #2, chosen to be part of the Olin Gallery's Biennial Exhibition.

Some pics from Roanoke's Marginal Arts Parade on Saturday. It was a day of misting rain but that didn't stop the fun! Next year I want to walk in the parade. Maybe I'll ask friend, Katherine, about that. She's below with the super cool puppet. Do you see it? It has the beautiful blue face and thread legs. Love it! There was even bubble wrap on the ground at the end near where I was standing. Everyone was jumping and popping. Simple but good entertainment. I've quieted all my talk on the homefront about moving west; I'm really loving Roanoke these days.

Just after the parade, I attended my first SoulCollage workshop with sweet friend and workshop facilitator, Lisa Plummer. It was held downtown at the Seeds of Light store.

I took the above image when we were just getting going with our scissors and then became so engrossed in the intuitive process that I didn't take another photo the entire time. To say I had a great time would be an understatement. Thank you, Lisa! (Please contact Lisa if you are interested in attending one of her monthly workshops.)

You can learn more about SoulCollage here. And visit the SoulCollage Gallery here.



Today was the kind of productive day I just love. I walked, I painted and I wrote 1,222 words on the beloved (fictional) WIP that I can't seem to give up on, made notes for an article idea and notes for a short story idea. I even made some headway on the emails I can never seem to catch up on and then I made list after list and those lists made me so happy. Lists never fail to help my shoulders relax and my breathing deepen and at least give me the feeling, however fleeting, of being organized and on top of my life.

Inspiring me today:

1-Terri Windling's "On Your Desk" Series

2-Treehouses. I wanted one, begged for one, as a child and I still believe that one of these days I will be the proud owner of one...though a lowish one or one with a very sturdy ladder as I have grown somewhat afraid of heights. Olivia would love it too. Must find way to make this happen... Did you have a treehouse as a child? Don't you think that they are just pure magic and the ultimate place for daydreaming?

3-Just finished reading: Traveling with Pomegranates: A Mother and Daughter Journey to the Sacred Places of Greece, Turkey, and France by Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor--(inspiring all manner of pomegranate art and Persephone/Demeter themes in my sketchbook over the weekend) and FLASH BURNOUT by LK Madigan and tonight will start either a book about Houdini or a book about Opal Whiteley. Still undecided. Both look equally attractive and have both been on the nightstand forever (truly, over a year)along with Women Who Run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Madapple by Christina Meldrum. So many books, so little time. What are you reading now?


ps---thank you for your visit here today. :)



Lisa said...

Ohhh so glad you got pics of the parade. How truly awesome! I remember seeing you take that photo during the workshop, too. I cannot express how happy I was to have you there. I must admit, it's still a surreal feeling to come to your blog and find my name. I am blessed.

I never had a treehouse, though when I lived on Yellow Mountain Road, I called that home my treehouse. I have pics taken from the livingroom, with its large window that looked right out to a tree's beautiful branches. It felt that it was built right into it. I know that you and Olivia would so love one.

No wonder that book sounded so familiar to me. Sue Monk Kidd is one of my favorite writers in the world!

I'm so glad that you wrote today. I've been reading your old blog and you write of Able so often. (is that the one you're working on?) I know you will finish the book and we will be allowed to hold Able in our hearts along with you.

I just finished the third in the Anastasia; Ringing Cedars series. Just before Nick left, he returned a book to me, "The Art of Life" by Ernest Holmes and I'm rereading that while I wait for the next Anastasia book to come to the library and Art at the Speed of Life, as well! Can't wait.


gina said...

Tricia! It was so great to spend some time with you last Friday! I have missed you! Thanks for the great photo of the juror talking about my work! You are the best!
Love you!

Dreama Kattenbraker said...

So glad I got a surprise Tricia siting and hug on Monday as we collected craft supplies for our little lovies. Hope Jacob's Ladder was a huge success and I still say an unsuccessful attempt is as valuable as a success. Always love seeing the world through your eye and your camera---pure art! Love you and glad you had such a rich and full day yesterday.

Relyn said...

Madapple looks great. And, of course, I LOVED your linky lovin'. Thank you!!

As to what I am reading just now. Well, I always have a big pile going at once. Right now I have How to Get Your Child to Love Reading by Esme Raji Codell. It's my third or fourth read and is absolutely amazing. Two other books about teaching and I just finished The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. I am looking for my next big book to listen to, but haven't found it yet. I may do The Moonstone again - also by Wilkie Collins. I'm also reading A Perfect House is the Sign of a Wasted Life by Mary Randolph Carter. Still... nothing is really grabbing me just now. Hmmmmmm....