Thank you for all the good bloodwork wishes! I am happy to report that the numbers were great, the best ever. During the phone call to the lab I felt, physically felt, a weight lift from my shoulders. I cry from the overwhelming wave of gratitude each time, my knees buckle and I have to sit. I feel as I have won some grand thing. And I have. Time. Time to love, spread joy, make art. Glorious, precious time. I had someone ask why I go so often to get checked (every 6 weeks for while longer) and I sent them to this triple negative breast cancer site. Triple negative is reported as being the most aggressive (though I visualize cancer cells as being grey and thin and so wimpy, my immune system strong white tigers armed with a bow and golden heart-tipped arrows) and the doctors just want to stay on top of things. Seeing as how I was stage 4 a year and a half or so ago and there aren't drugs, like herceptin or tamoxifen, to prevent a recurrence with triple negative, I am OK with that.

While waiting for the news I stayed busy. I got organized. At least for a day, maybe two.I watched Olivia take self-portraits. She is such a mini-me sometimes! Played in my journal.Worked on my Soul Restoration journal cover. My dear friend Sonya gifted me with this class. (Thank you, Sonya!) Coffee stained some paper. Found an old journal page (on coffee stained paper) from years ago when I was straightening the art room.

And started two pieces for the show in April.

Hope you are well and bursting with creativity!



Camilla~Bloom said...

I had no idea. I am so happy for you!, gosh.
Your work is so unique and so inspiring...it is joy to visit here.
-last image - l.o.v.e.

amy said...

So very relieved to hear the good numbers result. I pop in now and again to check on you and see your beautiful art. Here's to many bright days in the future with no weight and worry on your shoulders!!!

Tiffany said...

Hugs and more hugs. Every time I hear that good news, my heart just sings. Love, love, love everything you're working on!! xoxo

Katrina said...

Tricia, what wonderful news about your labs! I haven't checked in with what you are up to in so long, I'm glad that I listened to that little voice. And of course, your art is such inspiration. xoxo Katrina

triciascott said...

thank you, dearest friend!!!! i am loving all your good news too!!! love you!

triciascott said...

katrina, i think about you all the time! we need to plan another outting. olivia was just asking about phoebe a few days ago. xoxoxoxo

triciascott said...

thank you, amy!!!! xoxo

triciascott said...

thank you SO much, camilla!

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