last week's art and other happenings...

I've been busy in the art room but keep forgetting to share the images here. If pressed for why, I'd answer that most likely it's due to the wearing out of the little Sony camera I used to keep on the collage table and then a wee bit because of the efforts I've been making to limit computer time. (Note to self---make blog the homepage again instead of FB...out of sight, out of mind.) Instead of posting the images all at once I think I'll work my way backward, starting with the three pieces finished last week.

"Suzanna's Mother Was a Beekeeper."


The milk Suzanna took from her mother's breast tasted of honey and clover. Suzanna learned to buzz before she could talk and when her mother died, it was Suzanna who told the bees of the passing.

This piece was an experiment/play in gel transfers using the transparent inkjet film technique. I LOVE the element of surprise with these. I've never gotten a perfect transfer and this is a part of the process that I love. The first step was to cover a salvaged wood square with gesso, then after that was dry, to add book pages and a light wash of gesso.  Wait again for drying. After the transfer, I painted with acrylic paints, water soluble oil pastels and added a vintage bee image.

Bee Symbolism here.

Did you know that our very important honey bee populations are in trouble? You can read about it here and sign a petition to help.


"Cassiopeia and Her Sister"


I'm going to try my hand with working in a series and I'm terribly fired up, excited about this. "Cassiopeia" is the first in this series involving constellations and twin stars which don't have to be "twins" at all. I'll be sharing the story and the art in my first solo art show at a local cafe in mid April. (!) More details about the exact date as soon as I know them. And for those of you who have done shows before, I have a question for you...Do you share each piece for the show on your blog/facebook or do you hold back a few pieces for the show, sharing them on the blog after the opening?

"Gentle and Solemn Tess"


I was working on this piece as I was listening to a news anchor report the tragedy at Tucson, Arizona. The tears showing up didn't surprise me.

And lastly, a photo of one of our dear kitties, sweet Sabine, who was hit by a car last week. She is recovering from a surgery to relocate her liver and her small intestines which had escaped from a large tear in her diaphragm. She is doing well tonight, meowing and walking and looking every bit like she knows how lucky she is to be alive. Prayers and well wishes for little "Beanie" are welcome and so appreciated.


Rella said...

Your work is precious as always. And poor little kitten...wishing her well soon.

xox Rella

Lisa said...

Wow. Your work really evokes so much emotion!! I hope your kitty continues to improve and seems as though nothing happened by the weekend. Looking forward to coffee. :)

triciascott said...

sweet rella, thank you so much for your kindness and your visit. i have been thinking of you-i owe you an email. i want to send you a giftie...can you email your address?

Marion said...

wonderful new artwork - I especially love Suzanna with the bee ... good luck with your show!

Dreama Kattenbraker said...

Tricia, the artwork is so soulful and I love the line attached to the beekeeper's daughter, Suzanna. I am now hungering for your novel and realize it must be illustrated with your work as well. So glad you had time for art making and thoughts of series. So wonderful that Sabine is improving and that little shaved tummy is so cute and pink. I know she will be grateful when her fur grows back though. Is she a tortoise shell kitty? Re: putting your show/exhibit on Facebook or blog in entirety or not---I don't think it would hurt to have it online prior to show. I bought a piece from MoJo that one of Katherine's student painted when she put it on FB. I still have to pick it up but bought and paid for it just from seeing it online. Besides everything always looks even better in "real life" and folks will want to go down to MoJo and see it for themselves. You are just serving appetizers.:)))

triciascott said...

thank you so very much, marion!

triciascott said...

Thank you, dearest dreama. don't you just the love the symbolism of the bee...and the imagery---the telling of the bees has fascinated me ever since i heard about it as a child. my stepdad's father kept bees. i think of you and wonder if you have thought any more about beekeeping...and i was thinking of the novel yesterday and how i haven't worked on it in 2 weeks but i am ok with that or trying to be. :) all in it's right time. i have done a few illustrations for it, at the time thinking i would never show them, just use them for inspiration...but maybe someday. :) and you can be one of my first readers. how fun would that be! sabine has been spunky today, crying (loudly) at the door to go out- silly kitty! :) and she is a tortoise shell. i fell in love with her the minute i saw her.
and thank you for the advice on mojo...i like to share on the blog so i like that advice! :)
i was at katherine's studio just before christmas. we bought some of her lovely cards. i just love that space she has and all of her beautiful work on the wall!
love ya!!!!

triciascott said...

thank you, lisa! the kitty was spunky today, talking and meowing at the door, wanting to go outside. :) she is healing fast. i'm looking forward to coffee too! well, i'm a tea girl but you know what i mean. :)
wishing you a warmth on this windy night!