Around Richmond

The last week of 2010 was overflowing with inspiration and fun. We spent a special few days wandering about Richmond (about a three hour drive from where we are in Roanoke), visiting the museums and some of the historic spots. I took hundreds of photos and so did Olivia. It never fails to make me smile to see her excited about getting that "perfect" shot and so often on this trip it seemed we were looking to capture the same image, several times even bumping heads in our excitement. (My husband Kelly needs a camera of his own so he can photograph our silliness.) I downloaded one of the image cards tonight and wanted to share a few photos here in the hope that you will be inspired as I was.

These first few were taken taken at the St. John's Episcopal Church where Patrick Henry gave his "Liberty or Death" speech in 1775. Olivia got her Segway "license" at the Science Museum of Virginia on Broad Street.

I loved this stapled pole on the street behind Xtreme Pizza. If you're ever in Richmond and find yourself at Xtreme Pizza I highly recommend the veggie pizza with artichoke hearts and fresh basil. (It was called "Drag it Through the Garden" or something like that.) Yum.  I was most excited to see the Sally Mann exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts and it did not disappoint. Sally Mann has been a favorite of mine since discovering her in 1993 in a photography class. Her self-portraits were haunting and beautiful, the body farm corpse images disturbing, yet somehow beautiful too. Photo taking wasn't allowed in that part of the museum but if you are interested can see some images here.

The photos below are from the museum's breathtaking permanent collection. There's Mucha, Degas, Warhol, Rauschenburg, Picasso, Julie Heffernan, and others. We were giddy being in the same room with such genius.

I've tried now for over an hour to add artist captions to each image without luck. If you want to know a particular artist let me know and I will get it to you. The wonderful assemblage pieces spotted in the gift shop were made by Pete Tansill.

Wishing you a new year that is filled to overflowing with joy, and beauty, and boundless creativity! Here's to 2011!


heather said...

These are such amazing photos! Love the photos of the church and all the beautiful icon images. And how sweet that you and your daughter are now sharing a passion! I'm hoping to plan a trip to Williamsburg, VA next fall for my birthday. It'll be quite a drive from here in Oklahoma...20 hours! So count yourself lucky that this trip only took 3 ;)
Happy New Year!~!

dreama kattenbraker said...

Tricia, this was a wonderful treat to get to see the photos of your visit. Now I want to head to Richmond myself. Your photos are always so goood and mystical, what a talent you have. No wonder Livi is ready to create her own images--how exciting.

Do you know who the artist is and title of the very last painting of the woman whose hair has become the flaming tree? Oh My---it really moves me.

Thanks again for this visual virtual trip! xoxoxoox

bridgette said...

sounds and looks like a perfect day! Wishing you a wonderful 2011 filled with laughter, good health and inspiration.

triciascott said...

heather, thank you! and you are going to LOVE williamsburg. inspiration everywhere! happy new year to you too!

triciascott said...

dreama, i saw on the VMFA schedule that there is a picasso exhibit coming up soon, maybe in the early spring...we plan on heading back up for that, for sure. and i know that i already sent the name of that artist to you but just in case anyone else was wondering- that artist is julie heffernan. amazing, she is! i could have stood in front of her painting for hours and never gotten my fill of it.

triciascott said...

thank you, bridgette! happy new year to you and your sweet family! xoxo

Relyn said...

Hey! There's our ballerina!! LOVE IT.

Sonia said...

I'm SO glad you had that time away to enjoy with kelly and livi! And the pics are GREAT!

triciascott said...

i thought of you when we were there and so did livi! hope you are well and staying warm, sweet friend!

triciascott said...

thank you, sweet friend!!