Today I was Reminded

Today I am grateful for the many unexpected ways that life reminds us of the important things.

What are you grateful for today?


Sonia said...

Let's see...besides the obvious friends, family, shelter stuff which I AM truly thankful for...I'm grateful today for the glass of Southern Comfort Eggnog that I just enjoyed which is only available during the holidays, TIME to get projects done and sunshine to keep my spirits up! :-)

Sonia said...

Oh, and this cool picture! It made me smile! Smiles, thats the most precious thing today, lots of smiles!
Are those YOUR cool red shoes?

triciascott said...

sonia, those are my shoes. my favorite shoes. thank goodness i was wearing good shoes when the brick presented itself. :)

triciascott said...

yum. i may have to give eggnog another try. :)
can't wait to see what projects you've been working on. take lots of pics! xoxo

Dreama Kattenbraker said...

So much to be grateful for today--beautiful sunshine, home, family health, children, grandchildren, creative and interesting and wonderful friends...oh, and the planet and the Universe...and that little crescent moon out there tonight.

What a wonderful message on that brick you discovered...great find, Tricia!

gina said...

I have so much to be thankful for, I am blessed with nature, fantastic friends, family, the kitty-cats, fish, and frog. I am blessed with good health, and all sorts of simple gifts who show themselves every day.

Debi said...

i am so loving that brick AND your shoes. both are pretty wonderful.

today has been a good day - a gazillion happy birthdays said to me - and i am grateful for friendship, friendship of those i know personally and those i know "only" through the internet. i am grateful for the chance to grow older, though firmer thighs would not be frowned upon, and i would gladly give up the need for reading glasses. i am grateful for the heater at my feet and lilycat in the front room here at work, keeping an eye on the early-darkened sidewalk.

i am easy. xoxo

Erin said...

This is such a cool thing to come upon! What a nice reminder.

xo Erin

Relyn said...

* my eyes are finally adjusting to my new glasses * Sloane is feeling better * people who are funny * people who are patient * Recees peanut butter cups * how much fun it is to eat string cheese * productivity *