I'm grateful today for simple things like cozy socks and a car with a heater that works, for my favorite mug and the tea that went inside, for crock pot aromas and fresh baked bread and butter to go on top.

Olivia says she is grateful for "good friends helping me when I fell at school today, for kitty cats, and Halloween candy." (I'm grateful for those things, too. :)  )

More gratitude here.


Sonia said...

I remember this! :-D

lisa said...

hmmm...it must be chilly where you live. your little list made me all warm and cozy.

Erin said...

Simplicity seems to be the theme of the day, but it is the simple things that eventually mean the most, I've found. Am a fellow grateful blogger and will be reading your blog. It's been lovely reading about all that people hold dear.

xo Erin

Relyn said...

Isn't this life just so remarkably sweet?