Wednesday Writing Check-In and a Quote

Found the magic 8 ball in our Halloween things. It seemed to be stuck on "YES" that day which was OK with me. I am liking that word these days. Yes to life, yes to creating, to writing, yes to opening up my heart....all those good things.

writing inspiration: I have this printed out and pasted in the front of my writing folder. I think you will like it too. The words are from Isabel Allende, one of my heros.

"For me life becomes real when I write it. What I don't write is erased by the winds of oblivion. I forget a lot, my mind betrays me, I can't recall palces, names, dates or faces, but I never forget a good story...or a significant dream. Writing is a silent introspection, a journey to the dark caverns of memory, moves from revelation to revelation.

I write because I need to remember and overcome. It is from memory and a sense of loss that the passion to create emerges. Every book is an act of love, an offering that I prepare with great care, hoping that it will be well received."--- Isabel Allende

writing check-in: The goal was met! 5,133 new words written on THE PAINTED SPARROW since last Wednesday. Whoo-hooo! I'm super-happy about the progress, I feel good about the new scenes, much better than if I'd used the week to keep revising the words I already have, which is the place I've been with this project for a while now. I do have to admit to spending a good part of two evenings rearranging chapter one again (and again) but I am happy with it now (I think) and have put it away(someone take it from me, please!). Another evening was spent looking at the big picture, writing all the major scenes of the book on post-it notes and placing them in order on a posterboard, then rearranging those too until it felt right. I placed checks on the scenes already written because I'm not writing any of this in order, just as it comes to me. I have stacks of story on legal pads and loose paper and it's quite confusing. The board is helping though, seeing it all laid out like that, a lantern of sorts to light my way. But the highlight of the week was when a new (perfect for now) first sentence came to me out of the blue one morning in that magic time just before the sun comes up. I could just hear the main character, Adele, speaking the words and I got shivers all up my spine. Love when that happens.

OK...more to say but I will save it for the next post. Olivia is calling. It's pumpkin carving time! I'm saying "YES!"

Happy creating!



Tiffany said...

Hey, I think you stole my magic 8 ball! LOL. Yay for such awesome progress!!! Go, go, go! *waves pompoms*

triciascott said...

thank you, sweet friend! i hope to have something to share with you very soon. :)

Valaine said...

Oooh! It all sounds so wonderful! :) You are very inspiring to me!!!

triciascott said...

thank you, valaine!

triciascott said...

valaine! i always get so happy when i see you've stopped by! xoxo

Relyn said...

Tricia, I get so excited about the progress of your book, you'd think it was mine. And that Allende quote is perfect. I found myself thinking, "Me, too. Me, too." I don't write books, but everything I do write is with a mind toward preserving and remembering.