The hanging of ghosties, writing goals, R.A.K.s, and fried green tomatoes

This past week has been filled with:

*Halloween Goodness. We've been decorating around the house and that's always fun. Olivia immerses her whole self in the spirit of whatever holiday it is and becomes this little ball of energy zipping around the house, this time only stopping to paint a wooden house, read (DRIZZLE by Kathleen Van Cleve), or watch the newly-discovered episodes of Kate and Allie on Netflix.









*Goal Setting and Meeting. Olivia's also putting in the hours at dance. THE NUTCRACKER will be here before we know it. Olivia’s dance class time is my writing time. It’s good guilt-free “me” time and I usually head straight for a coffee shop after dropping her off, but this week I’m trying something new; this week I’m trying out library writing and so far, so good. See, when I’m in a coffee shop, I have zero willpower over chai lattes and caffeine in the evening is something it's better I do without. Plus, libraries have the super-cool book ambiance. I’ve found a favorite spot too, catty-cornered between mythology and genealogy. It looks out onto a courtyard. Cozy and perfect.

A few weeks ago I went on a writers retreat. A cabin in the middle of nowhere, and I do mean NOWHERE. (I mentioned on facebook that it was there I saw my first ever shooting star. The whole time felt enchanted, really) There we did writing exercises like this: our own "Where I’m From Poem"s, but we also had time alone to write on our individual projects. When we gathered together that evening we were all inspired and ready to make things happen. We decided that to keep each other on track between meetings we would set goals and check in once a week. My goal was to write everyday for 30 minutes a day. The first week went pretty smooth so I’ve decided to up the requirements a bit and make my new goal 5,000 words per week on the WIP (work in progress fiction story). This doesn’t include blogging and writing in my journal or doing morning pages. Now, this is going to be more of a challenge but I think it’s what I need to actually get this sucker finished. And (hope I don’t regret this later) holding myself accountable here on the blog with Wednesday check-ins. I did a bit of math and if I can stick to this goal (fingers crossed and wearing all available talismans) I will have the project finished sometime around April or May.

I don’t even have the words to express how much just completing this book would mean to me. This story, the characters, have been company through many difficult moments. It kept my mind busy in Mexico, and then during the chemo visits, the lonely, sick times on the couch after those chemo visits. What a joyous thing to see the characters through to the end, a promise kept to myself.

*A Random Act of Kindness. See the abstract there, the gorgeous square piece on the bottom, blue wall. I've tried three times this morning to get a good shot of it but it's cloudy here and not the best for taking photos. I love this piece. LOVE it. It was a surprise, a random-act-of-kindness, from my friend and local artist, Gina Louthian-Stanley. How fun and fantastic is that! Who doesn't love a surprise? Please click to visit her blog and see more of her amazing work. Gina's work is soulful and expressive. Haunting. Earthy. I just love everything she posts. We all see different things when we look at abstract art. With this piece I immediately saw a swan and that relates to another story, a fairy tale sort of story, I've had in the works and will share all about soon. I placed Gina's art in a spot where I can view it many times throughout the day. I can see it from the kitchen and now, from the dining room where I sit typing these words.

*Trying a New Food. Can you believe I've lived in the South for most of my life (other than my brief stint in NJ) and have never had fried green tomatoes? Well, I just thought that there was something wrong about that, especially being the tomato-lovers that we are in this family, so I picked up four very hard, very green tomatoes at the farmer's market. Just dip them in beaten eggs and then in flour or cornmeal and fry. Olivia helped with the dipping; she didn't help much with the eating though. I thought they were tangy and yummy. What do you think, ever had them?


Sonia said...

Wow! Cool, jam-packed post! Love it!!!
What did you make the ghosts out of? They are really cute!
I just noticed for the first time how much Olivia looks like her Daddy.
I'll keep you accountable, girlie, on the book cause I'm dying to read it!!! ;-)
Love ya bunches!!!

Katie said...

i made fried green tomatoes for the first time this year as well and really enjoyed them. i had made some yogurt soft cheese earlier that day and it was delcious dabbed on top. my brother was visiting and ate them, said they were "the best" fried green tomatoes he'd ever eaten but i took it with a grain of salt as he had only eaten them once at a restaurant and hated them. my husband took one bite and that was that :-)

your writers retreat looks wonderful. my goal is to write more as well.

dreama kattenbraker said...

Loved all of this sharing and the accompanying photo images. I can only imagine the loveliness of a whole novel written by you! May you be able to accomplish the perfect amount of writing in order to complete the novel at the perfect time...

When you posted on fB about a random act of kindness that blessed you last week, I immediately thought--"Gina". She is nothing less than White Magic. Having her work and well wishes in my space gives daily comfort.

Thanks for your magic as well. There may be some meteor showers in tonight's sky since all of that beautiful rain and clouds blew through.

Hugs and Love, dreama

carla said...

My goodness - there's so much in this post! I love how your photographs seem infused with golden light.... and your Olivia is quite a beauty in any light:) Are you still working on the story of Able (I think I remember her name)? How lovely to have had the time to go on retreat and concentrate on writing. Have you read The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp? I found it to be full of great ideas for establishing a habit to show up for creative work. You might enjoy reading it, if you haven't already. The tomatoes sound yummy - think I'll try them! Great post, Tricia!

Tracy said...

You are so amazing!! I love how you journey thru life with such love and happiness in all you do and how wonderful for you to share that with all that love you. :-) I really like fried green tomatoes. (Of course there ain't much I don't like that's fried.) Can't wait to read your book. Enjoy the whole process and let those amazing people in your head come out to meet us all one day. Take care sweet one and keep up the wonderful posts.

Amy said...

Love to hear all your news. Good luck with all your writing. Follow your heart.

triciascott said...

thank you so much, amy. "follow your heart"---words i needed to read today, cause really it is just that simple and also so easy to let other things get in the way of that. wishing you a lovely day!

triciascott said...

oh dear tracy, you have completely made my day by visiting here! you know how much i love you girlfriend!!! i think about your kindness in the hospital that day so often. you are an angel, pure and true! xoxo

triciascott said...

oh, thank you so much carla! i am amazed at your memory of the story. it was Able...the name has changed a few times but it's still the same story and i am anxious to get it told because there's a set of twins, ona and opal, with their own story, knocking around in this imagination. ;)
you're the second person to mention twyla tharp's name to me in the last few weeks. the library has "the creative habit" and i requested it. love books on creativity! i bought one last week that i think you would enjoy... i'm only one chapter in and loving it already. "the confident creative" by cat bennett.
wishing you a lovely, creative day!!!

triciascott said...

dreama, did you get to see the meteor shower? i looked up before going to bed but it was peaceful and still. i went barefoot, toes in the grass in awe of the beautiful moon. it left me such a connected feeling that i must do that more often. i must remember to. one of these days i'm just going to throw a sleeping bag out in the front yard and camp out. :)
you are right about gina! a white magic lady all the way! my eyes rest on her piece so many times throughout the day, so very grateful for the feeling it brings.
and the words "at the perfect time" really resonated. so true. so true. thank you, sweet friend!

triciascott said...

hi katie! i was so happy to see that you stopped by for a visit. i need to get around visiting blogs more often. i love the paintings and the writing you do so very much.
i bet the soft cheese was a great addition to the tomatoes. yum! i read an article recently in mother earth news about cheese making. i'm wondering if the soft cheese was easy to make...maybe another new food for our family to try. the seller at the farmer's market mentioned that she fries cucumbers as well. i like them so much as they are that i'm not sure i'll be trying that one. :)
i hope that you succeed in writing more. carrying my notebook around everywhere and using those extra few minutes here and there have been so helpful.
wishing you a lovely day, katie!!!!

triciascott said...

sonia, i'll pass that on to kelly. that will make him smile. :)
the ghosties are made from styrofoam balls, some with the bridal veil material stuff---drawing a blank of the name of that--- and some with this cream colored fabric, similar to the other but more substantial, more like cheesecloth which you could also use. the eyes are felt and put on with head with pins.
and thank you for the support regarding the book. it means a lot to me, yanno, and so do you!

Tiffany said...

I love you. That is all. :)

triciascott said...

*smiles big* **sends love right back*
hope you have a wonderful day, my friend, filled with lots of words and imaginings!

gina said...

I am tickled that you are writing! You have a fantastic goal and I know you will reach it.

I am humbled by Dreama's comment...I am happy you love the piece. I blessed it to be perfect for you and your home..I appreciate the photo, as I see it was just right!

Peace, love, and all good things to you!

triciascott said...

thank you, gina. maybe i will be sharing the book with you all one day.
hope you are having a wonderful day!