The internet detox was lovely and I'm having a bit of a hard time getting back into my groove. As the days go on I will share some more pics from the time away. The above is from our Outer Banks excursion. The ocean always seems to have messages and inspirations in the air. I walk with a notebook in my pocket. It's a magical place for me and I am guessing, for so many of you. I count on this time every year for a charging of my creative batteries and it did happen, but to a lesser extent, thanks to blasted Hurricane Earl coming along and running us off to higher ground.

Still, I am grateful for the two full, amazing days of sun before getting the evacuation notice Wednesday before last. And thank goodness, we had the chance to spend time with our dear friend, Tiffany, the night before and Olivia and Kelly were able to do a last minute climb of the lighthouse as was tradition or I would have felt even more crushed driving off the island. It wasn't easy leaving. I'm a sentimental girl- there may have been a tear or two when I turned to catch one last look at the water and the golden dunes. I've written before how the sea has my heart and I would move to the Outer Banks or somewhere like it (maybe even west coast) in a heartbeat. I have pictures of a little white house by the ocean on my vision board. Someday...

So, we traded our view of the ocean for one of our favorite local mountains. The Peaks of Otter. There's a lodge there, complete with a lake out front and more hiking than we could do in the few days we had. It was just as beautiful and peaceful as the ocean had been, and happily, every bit as recharging. We even ran into beloved friends we hadn't seen for a long time at the top of the mountain. Serendipity!

***This post has been sitting, waiting to be completed, for over a week now. I'm trying desperately to get into a routine of some sort, getting in my art-making groove. I'm finished with the list-making and into the doing of the things now. It feels good. Hands covered in gesso and glue kind of good. :)



Susan said...

Glad you got a bit of vacation in before having to leave. Your family would love San Diego. Perfect weather, lots of cultural events and beach, beach everywhere. I have very fond memories of The Peaks. My first job was at the lodge and then the restaurant. I remember the foggy trips to and from work and all the friends I made. It was only 10 miles from Buchanan where I lived, so it was the perfect job for a 16 year old.

triciascott said...

oh, how fun susan! we loved the restaurant, especially the seafood buffet on friday night. what a lovely place to have had your first job.
when i was doing the alternative cancer treatments we stayed outside of san diego. i would have loved to have spent more time on the beaches there. we were only able to go twice. it is such a lovely area. my hubby still talks of moving there or somewhere on the west coast. i didn't get to go to the zoo i'd heard so much about or visit any of the museums i wanted to before we left...i have suggested to hubby that at the 5 year remission mark we make the trip west again, doing all those things we didn't get to before.

Relyn said...

Oh, boy do you have some lovely views! Hey, my plan time is almost over and it's time to pick the class up from art. Before I do that, I wanted to invite you personally to join in a blog swap I am hosting. I think you would really enjoy it. Of course, I totally understand if that's not something you're interested in doing. Just wanted to let you know that I'd be thrilled if you would consider joining us. Sign up ends tomorrow. I hope the end of your week is marvelous.

triciascott said...

thank you relyn! i just hopped over to your site and joined up. i haven't been on the computer much lately and would have missed the swap so thank you so much for the invite. wishing you a wonderful weekend, full of good news and love, my friend. xoxo