my afternoon...---August Break

...has been spent writing to work through some things, big things. asking myself the what-do-i-want-to-do-with-my-life sort of questions. olivia will be back at community school and not homeschooling. i'm finished with chemo. the hours in the day will be filled with what? writing? art-making? a combo? cutting, pasting, old photographs...i've been going back to my roots. collage has me passionate all over again. plus, there will definitely need to be money-making added into the mix. my thoughts are disjointed and "rambly" but i'm crazy-excited about the ideas i've jotted down.

what do you want to be when you grow up?

(thank you C.P. for my beautiful much-loved new teapot!)


carla said...

This is such a pretty picture. It makes me feel warm and cozy just to look at it. How exciting that you're at a turning point in your life and have so many choices and directions to explore! I hope that whatever you do, you'll be using your abundant creativity... I'm looking forward to reading about your ideas!

Dreama Kattenbraker said...

Tricia, whatever you do will be good for you and all the rest of us. I loveall of your creative works. Using your talent always keeps you on that delicious path of anticipation. I am exploring some new territories w/all of Golden's acrylic products and it's a relief and a luxury to simply "play". Hope Olivia's school year is wonderful for her.

Debi said...

oh, those empty tempting hours, waiting to be filled, sitting there as gorgeous as that teapot. no doubt you will conjure up the perfect blend. can't wait to see. :)


triciascott said...

thank you debi.

triciascott said...

dreama, thank you for always having the perfect words of encouragement. you are such a dear sweet soul!
it's crazy and wonderful how many golden products there are and i bet you are having a blast with them! can't wait to see your creations. wow-it is such a freeing thing to just PLAY at artmaking. been doing that and am so happy and in the zone! hope you have a lovely evening! xoxo

triciascott said...

thank you so much carla. :) i love your positivity and you are right that this is a turning point with lots of choices. it would be easy to get lost/overwhelmed/scared but i am sticking to that positive path as well. xoxo

CP said...

Imagine how surprised and pleased I was to find this post and pic!
I love the picture, the teapot looks even prettier than I remember.
And...I love you!! x's and o's to you and O

triciascott said...

guess what, using my teapot again this morning. i may want to rethink my tea choice for next time though. this loose leaf earl grey has me bouncing off the walls. :)
miss you so much, sweet friend!!!!