I've spent days trying to figure out how to work blogging back into my life and although the thought of jumping in feet first, trying to pretend months haven't passed without any explanation at all, appeals to me, I feel at the same time I need to offer some sort of reason for my absence.
If you were to ask me what in the world I've been doing with myself all this time I would say-writing. Writing for hours. Writing until I had to get a brace for my wrist. Writing in my journal. Writing this fiction book we can call TPS for now. Add in daily doses of cooking and a bit of painting. Some tea drinking....oh, and lots of reading.
My issue seems to be balance related. When I am working on a project I lose myself to it heart and soul and TPS takes up most of my creative energy. Researching the historical aspects, reading books on the craft of writing because most of the time I struggle desparately with getting the images in my head onto paper, and then the writing itself. Since most of you found this blog because of the mixed media art aspect I felt a little like I didn't have anything to share that would be of interest.
And that's how it started. Then my blog wasn't my home page anymore and out of site, out of mind, sort of. That's not entirely true because I was always thinking about blogging this or that. It becomes a way of thinking after a time, doesn't it?
So, I want to start blogging again.
I want to record the days, to connect with you all, to share the things I'm learning about writing; and hopefully share a painting or two along the way, maybe some recipes and found poems. I'm not going to stress about always having an image to share. That's kept me from blogging more times than I can count.

Today's photo offering is a found poem. As I was gathering the clipped words I thought of one of my characters in TPS, an elderly woman named Ruby. This poem was written from her point of view.

I used to think
my heart
was a path of roses
in a frost-bitten garden
bound together
and secret.
Now that I am old,
The last rose
is scattered,
trembling like
leaves before a gust of wind.

And most importantly, I want to say a thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you who've emailed and left comments. They've been the line drawing me back. I think of you out there and I smile. I'm smiling big right now.
love and creativity,


Michele M. S. Shimchock said...

Hi, I found you through my friend, Tulie, and then, just like that, you were gone. So... I'm glad you're back. I've enjoyed your pages in your absence.

Sharon said...

Welcome back. I'm glad. Ruby's poem is wonderful.

Susan said...

Welcome back. Spoke to a friend last week and we wondered when you would be blogging again. Hope you are healthy and happy. Take care, Susan.

Story said...


Jeannine said...

Glad to see you blogging again, on whatever topic. Whatever you are writing about, sharing, is authentic and heartfelt. That is the most important thing.

Hope you are well.

smith kaich jones said...

Ruby's poem made me tear up, but never mind, I swear to God just the weather makes me tear up lately. :) I am so, so glad you are back and can't wait to share your days. Thank you for the pleasure! And I love that you give yourself up to your writing. Love that - what a wonderful feeling!


Linda Byrd said...

Lovely, lovely poem. I want to know more about Ruby. Welcome back.

cookievf said...

hi tricia!

popped over from FB via jeannine's link and i'm so glad that i did... enjoyed reading what you've been up to and rose's poem is amazing! thank you for sharing that.

i feel better, somehow, about the randomness of my posts over the past few years. i thought it would be JUST art but it turned out to be just ME.

lovely to "see" you again,
- vicki xo

PS ..an old ATC friend!

Gerushia's New World said...

Oh...I am so glad to see you are back. I think writing and mixed media art go hand in hand. Both subjects are forms of art. I write as well, and I even have a few blogs linked to mine that are related to writing alone. I would love for you to share your writing process on your blog!!

Gerushia's New World

Relyn said...

Oh, Tricia. I am glad, glad, glad that you are back in this little place we're able to share. So very, very glad you are back. And, your found poem - majestic.