This patient bunny has been in an unfinished state for a few weeks now. Surely this weekend I can get the rest of the celluclay on. *fingers crossed* I can't wait to get to the painting part. It's my first paper mache project and I'm really enjoying working with my hands in this new way.

Another new something is in the works...nothing huge at all...but something I am really excited about. I will be absent for a little bit working on that project and the next time I post here I will share it all with you.

Until then, open your heart to all that is creative and loving and good.


Gerushia's New World said...

I can already tell, just by the shape of the body that the rabbit is going to be fabulous. I hope you will share the finished bunny on your blog!

Take Care:
Gerushia's New World

smith kaich jones said...

Ooooohhh, a secret! And a bunny! Two of my favorite things! teehee!

Can't wait to see & hear more.


Jim said...

Oui, monsieur lapin!! I cannot wait to see this delightful creature finished. and, your FIRST paper mache project??? Amazing.

xox Rella

Relyn said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear! Can't wait. Hurry back.

Happy creating.

Lisa said...

I love it already. So glad you are posting again.

Tiffany said...

Ooh, I cannot wait to see what you're working on! :)


katie said...

so good to come here and experience you feeling so well. the photo of you a few posts back in your second wig, well you look absolutely radiant.

look forward to seeing the bunny come to life. i love doing papermache and paperclay and i've been feeling the urge arise in me to start another project.

warm thoughts and light from me to you.