she has my heart

yes, my sweet olivia has my heart. my daughter who turned TEN (!) yesterday. i wish i could have taken a picture of her in the car as we were driving. i had just picked her grown-up self from school. she was in the passenger seat (a new thing and a big deal to her) and the way the sun was shining on her hair, making it like honey against the dark blue leather, and highlighting the kindness in her eyes, giving them extra sparkle was SO breathtaking. i thought, oh my, how did i end up with this amazing soul in my life? how is life so good? and my heart ached all the way to dance class. i think we each have moments like this where life is just so sweet it almost hurts. **happy sigh***
Making the day sweeter perhaps was the news from the lab tech that my blood tumor markers are at 29. I have been told that anything under 30 is normal, meaning cancer-free. i see the doctor tomorrow and will find out more.

me in the second wig as we crossed the ferry headed toward ocracoke island.


Relyn said...

Oh, happy birthday, sweet Olivia. Happy birthday. You are already such a blessed young lady. Blessed with beauty and gracefulness, with courage, and with a mother who loves you with her whole heart. May your tenth year bring even more blessings.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You two are beautiful! I know what you mean about about looking at your daughter and feeling so very blessed, I feel the same about Samantha. She just got contacts this past Tuesday. I love being able to see her eyes clearly again. And you look awesome!

I've been real sketchy with the blog world lately. I've been jumping around a lot. I'm feeling that I'm in a different season than I used to be a few years ago and I'm really trying to find my way.

In the mean time I'm here,
but I'm only putting my art and a few photos there, not many words there yet.

I hope to get settled again one day.
God bless you and your family!

Jo Wholohan said...

dont they grow up way to quickly, best wishes to olivia!!!! thinking of you tricia xx

smith kaich jones said...

I remember when my neighbor's daughter turned ten. She showed up at my front door to announce she was now "into double digits". 15 years ago and I still smile when I remember her standing there, suddenly all grown up. Happy happy birthday Olivia, and happy happy news Tricia! You look gorgeous! I hope you feel that way also!

:) Debi

PixieDust said...

10 years old... it goes by so fast, yes? Happy Belated Birthday to your baby (always baby, no matter what, heehee)

And I'm happy for you, on both your girl and your results - I will think of 29 as a very special number from now on.


Amy said...

How wonderful to hear about Olivia from her adoring Momma!!!
I am so happy to hear your news from the lab!!!
You look beautiful.

Susan said...

Happy birthday to Olivia! I really like wig no. 2 and yay team for your other good numbers!

Tiffany said...

Oh happy belated b-day to Miz O.!! I loved seeing both of you sooooo much--I've kept her little gift where I can see it every day b/c it radiates her sweet light. Thank you so much for being her mom. :)


Deryn Mentock said...

Very cute! You've been in my prayers!