Spring came that year like magic and like music and like song.--Thomas Wolfe

Tuesday: imagine my surprise and delight when olivia and i got home from dance class and found such kindness and beauty placed on the porch by the front door! i have the best friends and i am grateful. but the goodness didn't start there. early that morning i had the pleasure of spending time with 3 of the lovliest, most amazing generous souls. (c.p. i'm talking about you!) then lunch out with the family at the yummy red clay restaurant in rocky mount. if you are local you must check it out. there was also olivia's book club and dance class where i sat in the car, soaking up the sun and writing. a perfect day if there ever was one.

Wednesday and today: olivia has been on a cooking/lemonade making frenzy. when not in the kitchen she has been busy logging books onto her new goodreads account. (do you know about this site?) so much fun she has been having! thank goodness i had the camera on the dining room table and was able to catch her as she shuffled to the computer.

...and isn't this a great color?
i am liking the feeling of having several works in progress. there was a time when i simply HAD to finish a piece before i could move on-now i am liking flitting between each, letting the muse move me where she will.
how do you work best?
the photos below are of a piece i think is complete. it was inspired by the novel i am tinkering with. i have been working on backstory for each character and one in particular, we'll call her S. for now, has been difficult for me to get my head around. i tried imagining her as a child. what was she like? this turned out to be a helpful exercise as i got an entire new feel for why she is like she is when the story takes place. in a few days i will share the other piece i have going of her- S. is seventeen when the story begins; she isn't the main character but she is one of my favorites. not to mention, the most challenging so far.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Love the new painting.
She has such depth and character...
Your daughter is adorable...and obviously loves books!
Have a lovely evening.
Oh, I am having a little MAY GIVEAWAY on my blog this week...you must go see.

smith kaich jones said...

I am in love with this piece. I am also in love with the painting from your previous post. I am working on/preparing for a small art show, feeling ragged, running out of ideas when I try so hard. This helps. Thank you. And PS - I love that image of your daughter with her books. How could you not be proud & how could you not smile when seeing this? Wonderful!

:) Debi

Amy said...

Beautiful art Tricia!

Lisa said...

The art is beautiful. I've been catching up and love the way you describe your days with Olivia. The Mother's Day poem made me cry. My sons are 19 (20 in June!) and 16 and there are days when I would give anything to start over again but then I think, they're great guys and if I started over I might mess them up this time. lol

I don't get around to blogs that often anymore but it's wonderful to visit here and see all the beauty.

Sharon said...

Your idea of painting your character and getting to know her better is wonderful. I enjoy how the things we do intertwine. Your baby girl is precious with that load of books and making lemonade.

Garden Painter Art said...

Oh Tricia:

The painting of "S" is beautifully haunting. It makes me very curious about the novel!

As a homeschooling mom myself, it's always a joy to see another family learning at home. My daughter is a huge reader and loves to cook as well. I'm going to ask her if she knows about "goodreads".

It's so very good to have you back.

Garden Painter Art

Relyn said...

How do I work best? Well, I am not an artist like you are, but I still do have projects going on. I am a flitter-er. You know? I start on project and I realize that there is another wonderful one just dying for me to begin so I flit over to that one. I generally get them all done, but boy do I make a mess in the mean time.

So glad you had such a good week.

Tiffany said...

Seeing all this makes me sooooo happy, even though I missed seeing you. *big hug*

katie said...

so very much beauty here,so very much, in your words, photographs, and paintings - incredible paintings!

taking time to catch up on your past blog posts (i don't get around to reading blogs much anymore).

i want you to know that you come to my thoughts frequently, that i send you healing thoughts each time i do. you are courageous, generous, inspiring - i am grateful for your presence here on this planet.

hoping all is going well for you, tricia.