spiraling inward and then outward again

as i was doodling this afternoon and letting my mind wander, i thought about sitting on the deck of the rental beach house, wishing for a moment i was still there. and as i sketched the spiral of yet another shell,(i drew a lot of shells while on hatteras island) i thought about how the simple spiral shape represents our inward journeys, and how with each day and with each breath i took while there by the ocean i felt myself travel closer and closer to the center of myself. i thought today about how i need to find a way to take the time for that sort of meditation here at home.
and as i let my finger slowly trace the spiral of the shell outward i thought, this is where i am now. i am on the journey back out again. back from vacation and back to the world of routine and school and rushing...maybe not rushing. hopefully not rushing. hopefully i can remember how to get back to the center. my center.
i will keep this shell by the computer as a reminder.
it feels strange to be sitting at the keyboard. i have not done much of this since being home. i blame this on the chill of the autumn nights beckoning me on a walk, or to sit on the porch.
and please please forgive my turtle-like pace of returning emails. i am working my way through...


Relyn said...

Isn't it so difficult to remember not to rush? No hurries, no worries. Just be. The most difficult thing of all, I think.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

nothing to forgive. Welcome home..welcome back to the routine that is no doubt changed in some way by the blissful time away.

your post resonates with me as I prepare to read a book ordered from Amazon 'Sacred Space' by Denise Linn. She writes "Our homes are mirrors of ourselves. Through them we can interface with the universe." I have been moved (pushed) to makes changes in my surroundings the past few months, especially after battles with health. If you've not read it, I recommend it.

I wish you a wonderful weekend in your nest.

xo Rella

Pilar said...

This is the season for contemplation, renewal and passages. Your analogy to the spiral of the sea shell is perfect.

Ann Vargas said...

Tricia, i feel so happy to have found in you a kindred spirit...in my art studio (my sacred and secret garden where i can safely be myself and where i can totally be in my element) i have a little personal altar and of course one of the most important items is a seashell much like the one in your picture.It reminds me too of the inward journey and that only when i am in touch with that center do i have anything of quality to share once i return to the world again.