Thank you for the congrats! Each comment and email has meant so much to me. I am blessed to be a part of this blogworld, yes, indeed.
I sat down at the computer for a few minutes yesterday, ten perhaps, before I had to get up and perform a mommy related duty. My intention to spend hours catching up, visiting blogs, emailing, never happened. O. has been extra clingy, needing me right beside her as she does her schoolwork. At times I admit ( a little shamefully ) to feeling smothered---very very smothered---yet I know how quickly the days are passing and I tell/remind myself to enjoy, really enjoy with a present heart each cuddle and hug, all of our time spent together. She is, after all, my greatest joy. I suppose she senses she is growing up...maybe it's me--maybe I am holding too tightly... I wish I could recall what eight going on nine felt like. And too bad there isn't a crystal ball to gaze into, to show us know we are doing the right thing.
Then there were three or four days in a row when I never made it to the computer at all! Does it ever happen to you that a week will go by before you even realize it---how can it be Friday? Not very much on my creative to-do list was done.
It feels good to be back at my desk though in a few minutes we must rush away on an errand. Although while we are out we are stopping by Barnes and Noble---I am determined to get my book fix in today---maybe get a new magazine---or two! maybe even a chai latte... yum.

I do have a sketch and a poem to share. My favorite of the latest "found poems."
Can you tell where my head is---that I am longing for the shore?


Sharon said...

Just had to tell you that I got my hands on the magazine. Borrowed from a friend yesterday. Your article it just simply beautiful and it really made me want to do something similar. I'm really not an assemblege person but this is not an assemblege, it's just so wonderful and complete. I can only imagine the fun you had creating it and I can imagine how one thing led to the next. And how while working and creating from one idea, your thinking of the next. Oh what a place/zone to be in.

Regina said...

Please do savor the moments with your beloved O... we can wait.
Your new poem is lovely. We usually have at least one walk by a lake in the summer & it hasn't happened. I think a break from all the demands would be refreshing. And if we don't get to the lake, then a Chai Latte at Borders would be nice, too.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

The found poetry is rich and touching. I can "see" a painting you might do to visually express this beautiful piece.

I also can have good intentions and really want to be at the computer to catch up with all the dear friends in blog land........but being in front of a computer in a full time job often tires my eyes and spirit and can rob me of the pleasure of computer at home. I do understand.

Ms. O. truly does need as much Mommy time as she can get and you are very aware of the passage of time at the speed of light. I know you wish there were more hours in the day so that you could be everything to everyone in your life...including YOU time. You are doing a beautiful job balancing dear one.........do not believe anything different.

xo Rella