Unexpected Magic

They were thin dark brown pods in the spot of land behind my grandmother’s, just at the base of the mountain. I almost walked by without spotting them. Dad said he thought they were some sort of milk weed. I disagreed though only silently and made a note to research the correct name online when we got home. I picked a handful and placed them on the front seat of the car, imagining rows of small brown beans inside lined up like peas or eggs in a carton.
Much to my delight I was wrong.
Somewhere along the beginning of our long drive home, I noticed several dainty white fluffs floating, maybe more like dancing, around near the windshield, swept up by the current of blowing heat from the vent. I pointed these out to Olivia, explaining that one of our mystery pods had burst, releasing the seeds. To a tired but giggling Olivia they were pale and graceful fairies, not anything as common as a seed. How could I not see that? Then the three or four fluffs became too many to count as I poked at that pod and then another.
They were like unexpected snow flakes, falling fat and round but not cold, then they were like large dandelion threads, blowing around in that split second after making a wish.
Only one thing I knew with certainty. In the moment of driving that old road traveled many times before, (sometimes with a smile, sometimes with tears), I knew that an unspoken, barely known wish had indeed been granted and I found myself humbly giving thanks for the splendor and magic of the mystery pod....now known as hemp dogbane.
A few more photos from our day.


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Tricia - I love the way you write and this post is no exception! Just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the "you make my day award" - coz you really do!

Valaine said...

Beautifully written :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

such a beautiful description for what must have been an even more beautiful moment. The pictures are a fabulous addition. Thank you.

Susan Tuttle said...

These images are just gorgeous Tricia! Magical!


sue simpson said...

Oh no! I'm so far behind. Of course I don't have time to read and cherish all you have added. I will be back! I have recently been using essential oils a bit. I would love to learn more. Would you like to come over for tea one day? :)