I am being a lazy girl still in my pj's and here it is 11:30! On a typical Wednesday morning Olivia has a science class but today it was cancelled due to the brush fires and power outages in our area. Our teacher, Anna, lives only a mile from the fire and days ago was evacuated from her home. I do not want to imagine how frightening that all must be but I cannot help but think of it what with her sweet home, new baby and all of her chickens that give us the beautiful eggs. So many we know are staying with relatives until things are under control again. My heart goes out to them all. And to the brave firefighters. Bless them. We have been among the fortunate that have been warm and safe in our homes. Was it my imagination this morning or could I smell the smoke? It was such an eirie sight on Monday to see the smoke on the mountains as we drove in the car running errands.
The above close-up pictures are from the piece from the last post. I adore the crackle. It was my first time using a crackling product and I have got to do more. If you haven't tried it---it was easy and fun.
I do believe I forgot to get a shot of the whole piece! So intent I was on the little things I could not see the big picture. Funny thing---I do that in my life sometimes.
Hope your day is a creative one!


Susan said...

Tricia, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Have you tried the crackle product on polymer clay? It even works there. I love how it gives such a nice aged look.

Jo Wholohan said...

This is really beautiful Tricia, love the colours!!!! Dont you love the crackle paste, it creates a fantastic texture :))

3rdEyeMuse said...

The details are incredible & the colors fantastic - I can totally understand how the details could have distracted you from the big picture, but do hope you share one soon. :)

Sarah said...

This is beautiful! I love it. First time to visit your little part of the world. Can't wait to read more. Lovin' the crackle!

Diane Duda said...

I read about the crackle paste on Brandie's site and had to come and see what you made. Love it!