Gel medium transfers have eluded me.
Many times I have attempted them only to fail. Today I finally succeeded in one that was at least OK. See it there. YAY. (any advice is welcome)
These are the discards, the failed attempts with the regular gel medium. Well, I should not call them discards because in collage art there is no such thing is there? :) I finally had success using Golden matte medium. I found a bottle I bought over a year ago thinking I was buying gel medium. I didn't know any better then. Good thing cause it really came in handy today.

I decided to paint over the transfer having just read the wonderful article by Misty Mawn in Cloth Paper Scissors. What a wonderful artist and inspiration she is! I read the article last night before falling asleep and woke up knowing I would be giving her techniques a go today.

Here is the finished lady. I collaged a peacock feather and a button for her necklace.

another experiment: 4 x 5 canvas--I took an old collage, one of my firsts and removed all bumpy elements and gessoed over the previous color. Then I added the tissue paper and some white paint, some sepia ink. a bit of handwriting. I glued on a transparency and added pastels to her lips and eyes....then sprayed with varnish. This was my afternoon. The world outside is calling to me. Dinner to throw together quickly. It's one of those nights.

Have a wonderful week.



Leah said...

i love the piece you did with the transparency! very cool!

Linda Manning Findley said...

Tricia I have just nominated you for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award ... check it out http://therartsook.blogspot.com ... Linda F

Lee W. said...

how cool- I am new to all of this, so it's fun to see diversity.

PS- I mentioned you in my blog, I hope that's OK.


bari@barionline.com said...

I just love your work! These are fabulous! Best,

red tin heart said...

I would like to try the gel transfer. I really like the picture you did with it. Nita

Pilar said...

Oh! I love this! Yes, Misty is an amazing artist and so generous with her techniques. I love your interpretation of her article in your own artwork. I can fall into your paintings.

Jeanne said...

I have had mixed results with Gel Medium transfers as well. Sometimes I think the fact that the outcome unknown is part of the beauty of them. Maybe we aren't supposed to use the images that don't turn out.
On another note, I've nominated you for "Nice Matters Award." Check out my post to find out more - http://jeanneszewczyk.blogspot.com/2007/08/nice-matters.html

Mary Ann said...

The art your're making is just gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous. I have given up on transfers. Maybe I better not throw in the towel just yet.

Judy said...

Love love love the transfer piece - you are certainly not alone when it comes to transfer difficulties. never-the-less your looks awesome.

lauren said...

"what" transfers? Huh? Who? Medium? Gel? Wha'?
LOL I know of what you speak!! Can't do them for the life. Ah well, tried once, used the reject, then gave it up for naught.
Can't be bothered. I'll leave it to you "artsy" gals, cause you all just turn it out so good!

(P.S. I love the rejects by the way)

Jamie said...

Your transfer turned out great! I don't have much luck with them either. Tricia I have to agree with Pilar said on your last post. Everytime I see a new piece from you I think well that's my favorite. But then your next piece arrives adn i have to change my mind! Your work just gets more and more beautiful. Thank you also for thinking of me. You are too sweet! Hey, thanks for the note this weekend;) Love, Jamie

Corey Moortgat said...

Tricia, I love the face painting, and I think the eyes look beautiful!! What a great idea to paint over a transfer ( I always wondered what Misty's technique was). And I adore the little canvas- hauntingly beautiful- I love the pattern across her eyes!

Lee W. said...

oh, found this awesome sight. He really goes into great detail about he best way to do gel transfers. And- there's step by step photos, which really help!


Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Tricia,
Wow--your work with transparencies is always so fabulous!! What a great idea to take an early piece, rework it, and put a transparency on top--wonderful layers, and the red lips makes the imagery of the girl really pop!

Your transfer with the matte medium looks great!! I've used gel medium, but the quality of the transfer is dependent on the type of paper used. I once tried it on a white piece of scrapbooking paper that had a slight sheen to it--the image transferred very well. I waited about four minutes, before gently peeling it off.

All of your pieces in this post are incredibly beautiful!--what an inspiration!


misty said...

these are just lovely! i love the bottom piece so very much.

Anonymous said...

My experience with gel transfers has resulted with the type of paper that I use. I like to use the JetPrint Image & Photo paper, Matte finish, available at Walmart. It feels like it has a buttery smooth, almost clay-like feeling to it, which I think helps the ink to sit more on top of the paper and not sink into it.

You're wish to use the Golden's product. I've tried others and they don't work.

Personally, I like the dreamy look of the image that you did. It looks great! And the bottom piece is awesome!!

Amy Wagner said...

There are never mistakes in art! Only happy surprises.

rgr said...

Fabulous Art!!!
Just discovered you through link from Brandie's Little Pieces of Art. (A real sweet-heart I met recently at an art fair.)

Thanks for sharing your transfer experience. I'm about to try it myself & your trials have encouraged me to perservere if it gives me trouble.

Art ON!

donnaj said...

try using mod podge also-it gives the transfers a totally different look-

windy angels said...

I just happened across your blog momentarily. I love the pieces you've done here.
I've not had a chance to try or even study this but Nance B. has done a bit of tutorial on transfers. If you want to check it out you can find it here: