Gathering the Roses and Lots of Other Goodies

"Live now, believe me, wait not till tomorrow; Gather the roses of life today."
---Pierre de Ronsard
I have mixed feelings about estate sales: on one hand I am over the moon with the thought of finding that perfect treasure, but yet I am always keenly aware that I am rummaging through items that were once loved and treasured by someone else now passed. I fast forward to my own passing each time and wonder what a stranger would make of my collections and accumulations.
There was a big box filled with photos at this sale on Saturday. I went over to the box and carefully took out every single photo and made a pile in front of me and then started the sorting. I ended up with 14 I think from that. They were $2 each and I didn't have a big budget that day so I had to be very selective. I bought only the ones that seemed to have that special something we look for in the images we use in our collages. The eyes that grab, the expression of sadness, joy. And thank goodness I was there when I was because as I was leaving a woman was buying the lot at $2 each. The same woman that kept giving me dirty looks as I was sorting! I ignored her. I was even pleasant when she came over and starting grabbing at my pile! Oh the nerve she had...anyway, I also purchased a scrapbook from the 30's because of the wonderful photo booth images, a set of old china paints in vials, a large button card and some old fabric that was just in tatters.
Then yesterday I was given an unexpected surprise. A sweet friend of my husband's let me go through some items in her mother's basement before they prepared everything for a yard sale. Her mother had passed away and the children had already gathered things to cherish. I would have loved this mother I know for we seemed to share many of the same interests. There were lots of birdie things and pretty tablecloths and old cameras. Vintage suitcases, books and prints. Cookbooks and pretty plates, holiday decorations and old dolls. I came home with lots of goodies. The suitcases have already found a place of honor, holding papers next to my art table.
I hope your weekend was just as lovely.
Blessing for a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same dilemma every time I attend an estate sale!
But I am sure that the person who has passed would be greatful that someone who saw their things as precious, now owns them!

Susan Tuttle said...

Oh Tricia,
What amazing treasures!! They definitely fell into the right, gentle hands!


Sharon said...

Great finds but what are you going to do with the china paints? I just curious. And what a clever thing to do with the suitcases.

Southern Heart said...

Tricia, I have these very same feelings, and so does my younger son...in fact, I posted about it awhile ago, also. I find photos the hardest to see at sales, but love the "new life" that you and other artists are giving these photos. I think that seeing the photos loved all over again would please the original owners.

I'm glad that you found such wonderful treasures!


Only a Paper Moon said...

You were so very lucky!! There are not many estates sale where I live and reading about your trip and your very lucky chance to dig through the basement treasures made me dream that there were!! Beautiful items!

Gypsy Purple said...

I also always wonder who owned these things.......

Jamie said...

I feel that same Tricia. I always feel relieved when it's not the family there but an Estate broker doing the selling. But, then I think that if they don't want these things the I will give them a good home. You will too. I think those china paints are beautiful. Just the perfect amount of age and wear. You found good treasures:) Love, Jamie

Brandie said...

Again you have made me jealous! I can't wait to see what you do with all your new treasures!

friends :) ,

Brandie said...

Oh, and you are nicer than I am... don't you touch my pile girl!
I would be giving her the evil eye...

Ro Bruhn said...

What fabulous finds. The paint vials would look great made into a necklace.

eb said...

This was a very lovely post - such wonderful finds and such thoughtfulness on your part

xox - eb.

eb said...

thank you for visiting Tricia -
so much here
to love
and return to savor

xox - eb.