Do you see my sweetest Olivia bunny there in the photo? She is the one in the center with her head turned to the left. The bunnies were helping Snow White clean the dwarves' cottage and Olivia is helping make the bed.

Slowly I am re-entering my regular life, one filled with routine and normal bedtimes. One hopefully filled with time for blogging and art. Since my last post I have spent my time with Olivia at her ballet rehearsals. I have either been sewing on snaps and things for costumes, helping watch the young ballerinas, or waiting. Most of the time spent there at the theater was exciting, especially as the show date was drawing ever closer and things were coming together. It is amazing how all the different parts merged to make one beautiful, breathtaking whole. The performance of Snow White on Sunday was so good! I was in the audience with my 35 mm, kicking it old school with my black and white fast speed film.

I had Kelly's old digital for backstage. After seeing the other mom's cameras I am experiencing a bit of camera envy...I know what I am saving my pennies for now.
Olivia loved putting on her own lipstick before the show.

And here she is after the show with her beautiful friend Maya. And then with me after the show, after the bunny ears and makeup have been discarded. Then yesterday Olivia and I spent the day in our PJs. The best part---We watched old home movies! Ohhh, to see her, hear her as a baby, those sweet laughs. To see her dancing as a toddler made me teary and more than a little clingy. The days are precious and quickly lost and sometimes I am more aware of this than others.
Later in the day we cuddled and read and made a ballet bag together.

She chose the image and then we scanned it. I added a touch of pink in Photoshop. The image was printed onto t-shirt transfer paper and then ironed onto a scrap of muslin. Olivia helped with the measuring and cutting. I sewed the bag. Thank goodness for seam rippers is all I can say. My first bag and maybe my last! :) The directions for the bag were terribly hard for me, a beginner sewer, to follow. Who even knows if I did the lining the correct way but the bag is in one piece and Olivia is pleased. She chose the jewels and their placement.

So, now today should be back to the routine. I am carving out some time tonight to visit blogs and catch up with all of you. I apologize for the absense. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful creative day!


p.s. Olivia loved the painting from the last post. She noticed it immediately and ohhed and ahhed and gave me hugs and kisses galore! I am itching to paint another ballerina!


Chris said...

Hi Tricia,

Those are really cute pictures from the recital, I know Nicole and Maya sure had a blast! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am really super impressed with your blog, and I dig your artwork. Good luck with the detox... Nicole and I tried to do something similar in Miami, it was very hard... we just didn't "feel right" eating only veggies (*literally* only veggies). Well, that diet ended in about two days, but the gradual change in diet (for the better) over the past few years since we moved up here has been a big positive change for us. Anyhow, best of luck with your detox, and thanks for the great blog I really enjoyed looking through it!

See you soon,

Chris -- Maya's Dad :-)

Nicole said...

Hi Tricia,
Chris and I are sitting side by side with our laptops, enjoying your beautiful paintings, photography, and words. The pictures of you and Livi in the dressing rooms show commitment to dance, and to each other. I love how you support each other and how much you both love doing it! "Red Point Shoes" is amazing, I can understand your pride and excitement. Seeing your acheivements here I am inspired by your suggestion to try something new. The ballet bag is also SO pretty! WOW! Lucky Livi! I also happen to know she deserves it! I love all the things you've shared on your blog, thank you. -Nicole :)

jen said...

Love your new sewing project! Really great. Sweet pics of Olivia. I can tell what a great mom you are.

Cre8Tiva said...

This warmed my heart... how I wish my daughter were back taking lessons and doing recitals...Well, maybe not...But do relish every second while they are young. My little girl will be 30 in August. They grow so quickly... Ahhhhhh thank you for taking me back in time...Blessings, Rebecca

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Tricia,
Olivia is truly beautiful--inside and out--she really seems like such an old soul.

I love the bag you created together!!!

Plus--the old movies in your pjs!!!--awesome--yah--she really is an old soul!


Amy said...

Such wonderful pictures of your daughter....she is a beauty.

Tammigirl said...

Tricia, the first pix you posted, the black and white one, reminds me of something from the forties. It's got such a vintage feel, it's really priceless.

This makes me pine for my the baby girl that's now 17 going on 30.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love the ballarina painting too. Your wall is looking wonderful.
Your photos are so sweet. I really like the one of the two of you together. I can feel the love you have for one another when I look at it.
The bag turned out great.
I'm trying to save for a new camera too. Mine is a hand me down digital that is about 6 years old. Camera's sure have improved a lot over the last few years!

Jamie said...

These pictures are wonderful and convey the love you feel for Olivia. She is so beautiful and proud up on the stage. I knew she would love the painting. Wonderful! Love, Jamie

Renee said...

Those are adorable pictures and you have the cutest bunny ballerina of them all!

Katrina said...


Thanks for sharing the photos of the performance. Olivia (and you) prepared hours for it and it really shows! The pictures convey the excitement of performance... beautiful!

The bag is wonderful! (Seam rippers are a trusty tool, love 'em!)


carlene federer said...

your bunny is too too adorable! And that bag is precious...I wouldn't even begin to think of sewing something, lol!

Gypsy Purple said...

She is beautiful....just like her Mom!!!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

The photo of Olivia putting on her lipstick is gentle and beautiful. I actually picked up a slip of paper and 'cropped' out the image of the girl on the left hand side in order to view the lovliness without distraction. It reminded me of one of Toshi Otsuki's (I hope I am spelling the last name right it's been so long) photographs from my beloved Victoria magazine. Especially the early years.

You have an artists eye with the camera.

Best ~ Rella