Me and the Necklace

One more post before I go on my little road trip. My attitude is somewhat better today and I wanted to say thank you for the well wishes. I am determined now to have a good time and my having a positive attitude starting out will be helpful, won't it. A new adventure, a hunt for inspiration and treasures. I will arm myself with a small watercolor pad and a pen, and see what happens. Maybe a bit of doodling here and there. :)
As you can see in the photo I added to the right (a self-portrait by the front door) I have short hair now. And I rather like it. It feels healthier but now I am being wishy-washy with the hair color. See my natural brown coming in. I haven't seen natural since I was in high school! Now, see the red. The red looks more fun doesn't it. I am so so tempted to head out right this second to the drugstore and buy my Nice and Easy, Dark Auburn! And doesn't the red go with the necklace I made last night. I took a long chain found at a thrift store and just divided it and added the beads and a new clasp. I had enough left to do earrings too.
Til Saturday,
Happy creating!

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kathywas said...

Your picture is adorable! And I love the red hair! I've been so tempted to try red myself, but I'm wondering how the gray would look with it!