Where Do You Get Yours?

5 x 7
(click for larger image.)
2 of hearts art card----theme "journey"

Where do you get your inspiration?
For me it may be a line in a poem or a song. A color combination in a magazine. A memory from childhood. A conversation with a friend. Even something as simple as finding these two stones on a nature walk with Olivia months ago. I found the bigger rock and she the smaller. I photographed them cupped in my hand yesterday morning and as I did so I imagined the bigger rock as the mommy leaning over and protecting the sleeping baby rock. Did you follow all that? Sounds a bit silly having written it but that is what was going through my mind. I got the rocks down from the shelf where they were sitting with other of nature's treasures after finding this great poem by Mary Oliver with the lines seen above on the art card. I knew that the theme for the 2 of hearts was journey and what grander journey do we take other than the one we take upon leaving this earth life? The lines just seemed to grab me from the page and speak right to my soul. I could feel the direction of the piece coming together and while making it I was filled with a wonderful hope. Today I am holding on to this feeling of hope. I am keeping it safe, nuturing it close to my heart. So many of those I know are grieving the loss of a close friend or a relative in this VA Tech nightmare. I am still stunned each time I turn on the radio, the TV. Let us send healing thoughts out into the world to all those that are hurting.



Jamie said...

Tricia this piece is stunning! I don't think it sounds silly at all. I think it sounds lovely. Everything about this is calm and pleasing.

NancyB said...

Beautiful piece! I agree with Jamie..not silly at all...now whats silly is when a family member catches you scanning your hand in the printer..hehe...This is what art is all about..doing your own thing and doing something out of the norm. This piece will stay with me all day long! Thank you for sharing your lovely art!

Tammigirl said...

Calm and pleasing as Jamie said. I really like your art cards.

lindaharre said...

What gorgeous art, sentiment and feeling! I love it! Thanks for visiting my blog and the thought that you would save my article for tea time made me smile:) Thanks again!! Linda

PMB said...

not silly at all....I think its a wonderful way to look at the world.Wonderful piece as always.

Allotment Lady said...

MY goodness your work is brilliant.

Deb L said...

As usual, your work just makes me smile and feel the warmth. What a fabulous deck you are going to have. Bella! xox Deb
ps... Mary Oliver is also one of my favorite poets :)