Swing into Spring

I am having a hard time sitting here at the computer and I think that is why the delay in posting. We have had such great weather here in Virginia and I have wanted to be outside every moment I can. We have even been doing our homeschool lessons on the porch. I love that! I have also taken an interest in gardening and will post soon some projects. How fun is it to play in the dirt! Who knew? I hadn't a clue. I can thank the beautiful floral images on flickr for the new interest. Another thing that has taken up my time lately is feeling the need to spring clean, to welcome spring with an organized home...a big-no-I mean--huge work in progress for me as I am turning into a packrat I think!
Sewing is another skill on my list of things to learn. (my list is getting awfully long isn't it!) I am in the process of making some cushions for the porch furniture which I painted black yesterday. So much spray painting happened yesterday that I awoke this morning with a very sore right arm. I had my heart set on new porch furniture this year but alas it was not meant to be. We have some major problems going on under our kitchen sink (the joys of an old house) and are going to be ripping out one wall of cabinets and subflooring....yikes!! So that is where my furniture money is going. A blessing really as it is making me get creative and making what I have work.

And Today I turn 35. I am feeling optimistic and quite like I feel on New Year's with that clean slate, new beginning sort of opportunity. I admit to feeling a bit down amidst all of the business of the past few days. I have been consuming more sugar than usual-I think it started with the spring cupcakes we made last week and once I get a little sugar then I want more and more. My friend Lucia took me out to eat last night and we drank too many teas...I am surprised I could sleep. My moods are definitely linked to how I eat and while it is good that I realize this I now need to make that extra step toward only consuming good-for-me foods. As of today I am starting a food journal. I am on the search for good recipes and will share some here on the blog.

See the above pic of the Benny Goodman record. Well, last night Kelly and Olivia gave me a record player. I have wanted one for a while. I pulled out all of my old records and we danced and danced and danced. What a wonderful gift! I am always passing over the records at the thrift stores but not anymore. Actually last week I bought an album just because it had ballerinas on it and I thought to frame it or do something with it for Olivia's room. Underneath that record was a cool record book, I think it would be called, with a cool cover and great aged pages that had numbers on each corner. I bought that too.
Today also represents for me something more than a birthday. It was this time last year that I made my first cards. They were Easter cards and as you can see I made a lot. I was so proud of those too. The bunny belonged to my friend Jennifer and the eggs we had colored the year before. Anyway, so neat to look back and see how far I have come with experimenting with different mediums. At that point never did I think I would play with paints (thank you marni!) I had never heard of water soluble pastels. None of that. What a whole wonderful world art is and what a fulfilling way to express what is inside! I am feeling so blessed with the path my soul is taking.
Wishing everyone a wonderful creative day!
xoxo, Tricia


Gypsy Purple said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Hope this year will be full of the greatest blessings

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Tricia! Have a great year.

Cerri said...

Oh Happy Birthday Tricia!!
I hope you have everything your heart desires today!!

Gypsy Purple said...

May you and your family have a blessed and happy Easter

Tammigirl said...

Happy happy, joy joy! And Birthday to you Tricia.

Wishing you absolute love & acceptence and enough of everything. ('specially art supplies!) ;}

Brandie said...

I commented on the wrong post!


Kristen Robinson said...

Lovely words my friend! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!


Southern Heart said...

Happy Birthday to you! and you are discovering the best part...whatever we lose in the physical as we age, the spirit and soul seem to take over, and make up for. It truly only gets better (I am facing my own 45th on Thursday).

Your cards are beautiful! and I love to listen to Benny Goodman and studied ballet for many years, too. Music still fills my soul.

A blessed Easter, and many more lovely birthdays, to you~


Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

Hélène Deroubaix said...

oooh my!!! I didn't know at all it was your bday!

Happy belated bday dear Tricia:)
May many of your wishes come true!!
I hope you've eaten lots of delicious cakes and treat yourself ;-)

blessings,sorry to have miss that :(

Deb L said...

I'm so happy that you got your record player - yay!!!