One Really Long Post...

Two more cards in the art deck completed this morning...the top has the theme of "text" and the bottom the theme of "vision." With the first one I used a poem by Elinor Wylie called "Velvet Shoes." You should be able to click on the image for a larger version and hopefully then you can read the lovely words she penned sometime in the 20s. A favorite poem of mine.
And the bottom one is a favorite piece for me with a message that is an important one of the importance of looking withing ourselves for the answers we seek.

I hope all in blogland had a lovely weekend. One highlight for me was getting to go to a few yard sales in my neighborhood on Saturday. My best score was this armoire for 40 dollars. It also came with a bonus rocker but I didn't get a shot of that before my camera's battery died. Here it is right inside of our doorway. It is now residing in my stepdaughter's room and is just perfect there. I just love a good deal! Don't you?
Also purchased were a huge pile of fringe ball curtains for $2...I will probably take them apart and use the fringe in art projects. I bought this vintage dress at another house and also there I bought 5 old windows for $1 each.

This week I have set a few goals for myself so I may not post again until later in the week. (Well after I can get over this feeling bad stuff. I have a bit of a fever today and some dizziness ---really bad at times---but that is all, no other symptoms. )

1. I hope to do a painting on a large wooden ironing board top that I disassembled last night. This painting will be in our foyer if I am successful with it. The size intimidates me but I am going to just jump on in and see what happens. What do I have to lose, right?

2.Paint trim work in the hall and paint the hall table red.

3.Finish painting the wicker on the front and make three more cushions.
4. Repot the plants for the porch.

I keep putting these things off but they are weights on my mind, always there. I am going to "get'r done!" as Larry the Cable Guy and my husband Kelly would say.

Don't you hate those things that carry from one "to do" list to another? I know that we all must have them. I thought I would write a bit about them here in the hopes that by putting it out there I will feel more inclined to accomplish what I say I will do. And I will post pics.

4. The biggest of the goals for me and the hardest for me to share but here goes----I have made it a goal to make a piece of art--or pieces of art---to send in to Somerset Studio for their call for art. Click here to see what they are currently looking for in their publications.

I know that I can't post that art here but this is a bit of the beginning of things.Also this weekend was the monthly meeting of the Hollins Altered Artists (I may not have the name exactly right) - a great group that meets at a local library here in Roanoke. My favorite part is always the show and tell part in the beginning. I am always amazed at their work and hope that eventually they will have blogs in which to share some of it with you. (Hint. Hint. Marni) There is such unseen wonderful expressive work going on in our community. It was also quite nice to get together with like-minded ladies. After the show and tell we did a bit of art and that was great too though I am still at the stage where I find it hard to get in the zone around others. I am used to my routine. My cup of earl grey...papers and paints in the same spot....the same TV series playing on the computer's moniter....
Also, Sweet Creative Susan Tuttle whose blog is a daily addiction and constant source of inspiration for me has given me the thinking blogger award and I thank her so much for thinking of me. I get to pick five blogs to give the award to and I am copping out just like I did in the other post---I honestly feel a connection to many bloggers and they all make me stop and think, they inspire me and sometimes just delight me with pretty images. So, I want you, kind reader, to look at the side bar and pick 5 more names that maybe you aren't familiar with and pay them a visit today.
May you all have a wonderful week filled with creative ideas and actions. I am off to order some of the pens that were suggested to me from a few posts back.
micron pigma pens
permapaque pens
sharpie post paint pens
gel pens
pitt pens from faber castell
sakura glaze pens
signo white uniball
elmer's painters
Thank you again for all the suggestions. I am going to try to give all of them a go and see what happens. :)


eb said...

thank you for visiting - and what a delight to come over here and see what you are up to: love your to do list - go for your dreams! - nothing like a good solid list - I LOVE the bird and 2 stones scrolling back - you inspired me today and I thank you

xox - eb.

Brandie said...

I don't even know where to begin, what a wonderful post! I love the card on top, I like the pink on her dress and the tall flower on the hillside.
When you use the sharpie's make sure your art is completely dry... a little moisture will ruin them, but they work great.
Thanks for posting the list, I am going to try some of the pens on there that I didn't recognize...
AND... I am SO jealous to the armoir! How lucky you are!
I do want to do a postcard for each month, I want them to be postmarked for that month, so I will see if Diane will help me search for them!
I hope you feel better,
Brandie :)

Izabella said...

40 dollars!!! that is a score!! If there was a good garage sale like that here in Vegas it would have cost 200.00!!

good for you submitting some art to Somerset, the colors you chose are beautiful, hope to see it in one the issues!

xo ~Bella

Jeanne said...

I love the Signo White Uniball pen. It is the first and only white pen that I have come across that doesn't "poop" out when I am using it. Love it! As for your yard sale finds, I wanna come shopping with you girl! I never find things like that $40 armoire! What a steal!

Matroskin said...

Oh dear, what a list of essential pens... Good pens are hard to find, so thanks for the hints. Your finds are great, especially the wardrobe. An interesting shade of red. And your images are always wonderful, so mysterious, like ghosts in mist.

vicci said...

You made a great score at the yard sales! FUN! and speaking of LISTS....mine go on and on...and something always carries over....I'm glad your in the shapeshifters group! :-)

Tammigirl said...

Is that shirt my size by any chance??? Love it!!

Oh hey, I did an acrylic painting over the weekend and used a new kind of BIC marker with GREAT results. I'll look up the make/model of the pen and let you know...

Jamie said...

You made out like a bandit! 40 bucks is awesome! It is a beautiful piece of furniture. I am really glad you are submitting to Somerset. They will love your work!!! Jamie

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

LOVE the armoire! And only $40!!! Awesome!!!! Sounds like you had good yard sale weekend!

Best of luck on your "to-do" list! Mine is a mile long... you've inspired me to get cracking!

ArtsyMama said...

My oh my, what wonderful finds you had. Wow!!! Love your to-do list. You have a lot going on. Good for you for making it a goal to submit your work. It's absolutely fabulous and I'm sure it will grace their magazine soon!

Kristen Robinson said...

What a wonderful wonderful post. Your new cards are so lovely and the armoire what a score!!!!


Tammigirl said...

Hi Tricia~

Bic Mark It, fine point, permanent marker worked wonders on a recent acrylic painting I did. I just let the paint dry and voila!

carlene federer said...

love these Tricia, really gorgeous!
good luck with your Somerset projects, gorgeous colors you've chosen!

Miss*Laurence said...

What a fabulous blog!
You are going to be really busy this week! I love your green colours as well! And did you really say 40USD???? Time to move to Virginia! :-)

lauren said...

Go for it girlie! Submit that work--good for you. And I love the cards!!!

lauren said...

P.S. the armoire? $40.00?!!! That's insane! Bravo!