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I am a girl without glue. I am out of gel medium. I can't even find any Elmer's! Olivia left the top off my glue stick last week and since we have been sick here no one has gone out to the craft store. Life has been on hold. Today is my first day with a hint of normal feeling and I am so grateful for this. Olivia is finally out of bed. The sweetie just donned her apron and said "it is time to clean!" How weird considering that yesterday she was only out of bed to go to the bathroom. What a difference a day can make. My energy comes and goes in spurts and I still have coughs and sneezes but I have my priorities straight---before cleaning and getting the house in order I wanted to check emails and update my blog, make something for Artwords.

"Passage" is the word for the week. The passage of time is what first came to mind. I knew that whatever I made had to either use tape or sewing since I don't have glue. Or staples.
In the end I didn't use either. I printed out a photo onto a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper that I had previously aged using this cool coffee technique. Click here for technique. I wrote in pencil a quote by Ishikawa Takuboku---"Like a kite cut from a string Lightly the soul of my youth has taken flight." I added a bit of white charcoal and some pencil doodles. A very simple piece.


ArtsyMama said...

Absolute perfection! I LOVE this!!! Must give that technique a try:) Thanks for the inspiration.

jenny said...

very beautiful artwork, :)

Kristen Robinson said...

Teriffic! The simplicity is so lovely, very soulful.


Ms.Kurt said...
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carla said...

It's really quite amazing how powerful something so simple can be! I love the patina the coffee stain gives the paper, and the small photograph in the middle of all that space makes it feel like I'm peeking through a portal into a far way time. I think this is splendid!

Mieke said...

Wow this is so strong!!!
Love it!!

deb l said...

Another totally wonderful piece... I SO love your artwork!!!! Deb