And the Winner is...

Olivia drew a name just a few minutes ago. She was so excited to have this big job so I will have to have another drawing soon. Thank you to all the lovely visitors to my blog that signed in for the drawing. It was fun reading all the cool names that you had for the little girl in the image. I need to write them all down and use them as inspiration later. Brandie chose the name Mona so Mona she is.
Olivia is at my elbow now, trying to wait patiently for me to finish this post but having a difficult time. We are making flower fairies and I am excited too. We are using this book to help us. She wanted me to post what she has done so far...by herself....she wants me to add.


la vie en rose said...

i've enjoyed looking at all your fabulously creative work...so cool!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations to Brandie....I am ever so envious though! By the way Tricia, what title did you decide to give the piece?

Anonymous said...

YAH!!! Thank You Tricia!


Anonymous said...

I got the most amazing package in the mail today! Even my husband was amazed by everything you included! and your ART is absolutely breathtaking... I can't wait to get it framed and hung on the wall! I love the little ATC too. It's funny, a work friend and I were looking at your blog together and thought this one was great... now I can show her in person.. she will be so jealous!
I am sending you a piece of clayboard in the mail tomorrow so you can try it.
Thank You!