INSPIRE ME THURSDAY--- HEARTS and All I Know About Transparencies (which isn't a lot) lol

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Let me say first that I still feel like a beginner at well, everything mixed-media, so if you are reading this and know of better, easier ways of working with transparencies please leave a comment and I will post it. Let us all grow with each other's help. :)
OK, I started out with 3M Transparency Film for Inkjets. Make sure to load the paper correctly into your printer. There is only one printable side and it is the textured side.

Jen Osborn, in my mind she is known as the Queen of Transparencies!------(I first became interested in transparencies after reading her article in Somerset Workshop 2. Her work is amazing---you have to check it out and she has an etsy shop too!) at Identity Seven was sweet enough to give me some advice when I posed a question on Flickr. She suggested letting the transparency "cure" for a week before using.

This is difficult being the impatient one that I am but if she says it is best I am going with it. So, you can either start with a purchased transparency or scan your fave photos and print them yourself. I chose to print a page myself.

Before I print my page I flip the images horizontally so they will be correct when I am working on them. If not everything will be backwards. (remember to let film cure---i am using a sheet i printed a week or so ago)

Next I cut out images I will be working with.

I like the look you get when you burn the edges. Just be careful. Sometimes the edges catch on fire--I just quickly blow them out---you could let them burn more for an even more aged look. I find when the edges get very burnt they curl and I have a harder time sewing the image without it getting all warpy. i am sure this could be done and would look really cool. i just haven't been successful yet. :)

After I burned the edges I chose a background paper. This time I chose a solid white cardstock and I cut it to the size of the transparency. Try experimenting with different papers.

Next for me comes a bit of hand stitching. I like to use embroidery thread. I separate the strands and I have found that using two or three of the strands works best for me. Sometimes if my paper is thin enough I can hold the transparency up to the light and get good placement of my needle. I use the hand stitching not only for decoration but to even further prevent the buckling that sometimes happens when I do the machine stitching.

The moment I chose pink for the thread I knew this piece was headed in a direction I hadn't planned. Funny how that happens...I just try to go with it. I put my usual red and green papers away and looked for some that would go with the pink thread. I only knew I wanted to layer some papers underneath. (Quickly I painted a watercolor paper (5 x 7) with pink paint and used a heat gun on it. Normally I reach for a watercolor paper already painted. I have a stash I keep handy. I didn't have any pinks ready though.)

For me the next step has been going to the machine for some more stitching. You don't have to do this. You could do all hand stitching or you could attach the transparency another way like by stapling or by taping---I was thinking electrical tape might be cool...or eyelets...can you think of other ways?

I stamped a bit on the watercolor paper. Next, I adhered the tranparency piece to the watercolor paper using a permanent glue stick.

I added some text using stamps, spelling out the words "Sweetie Pies." I made a nest of sorts with tiny paper scraps and a piece of thread. A birdie was placed on top to whisper sweetly in the little girl's ear. And of course her string needed a heart for the top. I also added a few white dots along the edge of her dress with white paint and some hand stitched x's at the corners.

Because somewhere along the way I decided I was making this piece for the upstairs bathroom (aka: the girlie girl bathroom that will soon be painted something other than the awful tan that it is now) I thought it best to adhere the piece to a pink painted canvas for quick and easy hanging. I added a sheet of sheet music, some flowers, a few more hearts a piece of vintage jewelry and some string. A new thing for me---I attached a ribbon around the edge to finish it off. I love the look the ribbon gives it and will definitely do this again.My plan was to show the steps of both images. I will save the second transparency for tomorrow. Blogger hasn't been cooperating with me tonight. :)

I hoped this helped a bit and again please comment if you have any tips/advice to add.

Happy creating!
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oldflowers4me said...

hello, dear friend, ive just come home after dropping my young boys of to school, made a (skinny) milk iced coffee,anyway , your work is fantastic, lots of hours would go in to one page, ive read what you wrote,i hope i can take it all in, one day i will try it, is it like when you do wax over your work? some of these things are so new to me. love jo.



ArtsyMama said...

Wow, thank you for the fabulous tutorial. This piece is absolutely gorgeous! I was hoping you were going to say you were selling it on etsy:):)

Gypsy Purple said...

This is fantastic...I have some and always wanted to use them...not knowing how...I am so greatful...thanx for sharing

It is a lovely piece


nirmala said...

wow ..luv the work its very beautiful thank u for sharing the technique:-)

Julia said...

Wow how I love this !!! Beautiful!!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

too cute; thaanks for sharing your process with us

Hélène Deroubaix said...

It is a wonderful artwork Tricia!and thanks for sharing the step by step:) that's so cool to see how a work is made:)very interesting!
and I think burning the edge gives a really nice finish! I think transparency burns fast so I'll be a little uncomfortable,but I might give it a try!:)
I love the ribbons, the stitching!
your work is fabulous!!!will have to schedule a trade if you'd like to sometimes;):):)

Blessings and lots of fairy dust!

Hélène Deroubaix said...

hey Tricia, do you mind adding
instead of the one a day( it's my real blog, the other is rather my shop blog:)thanks!
Blessed be!

lee said...

i loved it, and thanks for sharing on the process, i am going to try it.

tricia stirling said...

so many details, and what pretty pictures. thanks!

Beth said...

LOVE the tutorial......
but now I have more questions and I don't want to bother you in the comments section....can I e-mail you and if so, what it that ??
I'm bamcw64@aol.com

Anonymous said...

How clever & cute! I'm going to run out & buy some transparancy papers. Thanks for sharing!

Little Pink Studio said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I really love it! My favorite colors too!

Deb said...

Your transparency piece looks wonderful... I don't use them very much but will give this technique a try! Deb

carla said...

This is so lovely! I was really fascinated by your whole process...each step of the way looked great to me, but the finished product is outstanding!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Gorgeous - I really like the way you've used the sheet music. Thanks for the tutorial too!

jellisy said...

Great tutorial! I often adhere my transparencies using my Xyron machine--it works pretty well. (I've been known to staple them, too!)