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"A Rose For a Friend" ACEO

and "Cinderella" ACEO

I hope everyone is having a wonderful art-filled weekend. My husband and I scouted out to a thrift store today. I was hoping for some old photos or cool wallpaper. Instead I found two new rugs for the kitchen and 3 books for Livi. One is a joke book that she is just loving. At an antique store that we ran in oh so quickly (we were starving) I found a $1 basket and scored 2 small square wooden frames and 6 dusty pink cloth napkins. I was pleased.

And...I have decided to try something new and that is to start listing the occassional piece of art on ebay and seeing what happens. It feels a bit strange doing this as I waiver back and forth between confidence and fear over the whole I am an artist now thing. Anyway, if you want o check it out the link is here. Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated. :)
Thank you.

"Miss Belle" ACEO

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Loretta said...

Tricia, I love your Blog, which I "happened" upon today, and I really like your artwork! How do you put the art together? I'm very curious. Do you take an old photo and glue things on top? Do you scan the photo first? Maybe this is somewhere in your blog, but I could spend hours here so I'm going to bookmark it and return often. I don't have a blog yet. I haven't a clue how to go about designing one but I do have a website. I love your blog's name! I had a canary named Noel B. Pavarotti who lived for 11 years. I'm fond of birds too. Have a fantastic day!